Compositing: Week 3

Ideas for screen

Background ideas: Forest, Ocean, Space, River, City

City scene I could add building and add destruction to try and make them look like something disastrous is happening to the city.

Forest scene with a cabin, I could have something crashing down onto the background while something is happening within the foreground or have a creature walking through the forest chasing after actors.

Forest scene with actors being chased by a dinosaur

Underwater chase with a animated creature swimming after someone

Boat scene with animated tentacles coming from the ocean onto the boat. With a beach and ocean in the background.

Bridge being attacked by an tentacles with the actors trying to get past the bridge. Ocean background.


Castle scene I could be on a bridge with a castle in the background and have the acting walking across the bridge trying not to fall off.

I could have a scene where there is a bridge that has been destroyed and the actors are trying to walk across it without falling into the rocks underneath them, I could also have a ocean in the background.

I could have a scene where the actors are flying in the sky and fly through a building and come out the other side. There would be glass being smashed and paper being thrown past as they fly through.

City scene with a creature walking through and destroying buildings.

Plane crash and we see the actors falling out and landing into the ocean.

Final Idea:

Destroyed bridge with a actor trying to get to the other side but is suddenly attacked by giant tentacles trying to stop him.

Layer Scenery: Island mountains

Layer Background: Ocean (bright)

Layer destroyed bridge or wall

Layer Actor Key

Layer 3d animated tentacles

How to add 3d animation to VFX

The videos below are to help me create the 3d tentacles for my work. They will be separate layers that would be applied in front of the background. I also think it would be good if I can make them interact with the wall that I have thought about making. The video shows the process on creating the bone structure for the tentacles and how to create movement with them. I think the 3d tentacles will be the most challenging with the process of my project because id have to teach myself new features using autodesk maya, but I also think this will be useful because it will help me learn more about 3d and how to add a 3d animation to a scene that I have created.


Adding the background

This video that have found of the ocean will be really useful for me to add layers onto it because of how plain it already is, I also like how where the light is on the ocean because this will allow me to add light to the filming of my acting.

This video of a ocean waves crashing into rocks that I have found would go well with my idea because the splashes would work well with the creature and the quality of the video is much better then the other background ocean that I have found.

The wall that had found had decent lighting for the background. It is important that when finding layers for the composition that the lighting on the still images and videos all fit together so that they don’t look out of place and that they blend together.

I found this still image of a mountain which I think will be great to use because of the quality of the image and I could also use the clouds in the sky replacing the sky on the video that I had found.

This image I found was much brighter and I think it would be easier to breakdown and crop onto the ocean scenery for my work as an extra layer.

Below are green screen recordings that I had created in the previous week. This was an experiment to try and re an act scenes with the green screens behind us. I found this to be really interesting because it allowed us to understand the process of how actors have to pretend that they are in a certain location and they have to try and act out professionally. It also helped me understand the positioning and the lighting that is used with the visual effects breakdown.

Each short shot I produced I acted out with my friend a different scene. This gave us a insight on how actors would work with green screen, trying to act without seeing the full result. They would have to imagine that there is a background and try to act with it. I found this difficult because I couldn’t see much and I wouldn’t know what will be around me until I added the visual effects.


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