3D Production: Week 3

Tests and Research

Love Recipe

I think this short animation shows strong 3d elements to the work. It shows reactions being used and the we can see the facial expressions clearly with the facial animations. These short animation will help me develop a better understanding with the 3d production process on how animated characters should move and how they should look in certain situations.

Key-frame basic

The tale of Mr Revus

Blocking pass is to make sure key poses in your animation are correct before moving onto timing.

Blocking is used in animation to create key posses so that the timing and placement of the character in a given scene or shot. This method is often used in 3d animation, this method is opposed to the straight ahead style of animation.

Pose to pose is used in animation to make the character appear to move to one pose to the next, this method was often used in traditional animation.

Blocking pass is the imagery of the animation in-between certain poses. So it goes from one pose to another which will create pose to pose principle. In the animation below that I have found we can see this being used with how the female character moves to different poses instead of the character moving to the next pose.


Timing- Timing is very important when animating because if the timing of the character is off then it might end up making the character unrealistic.

Maximum expressions- Bringing it to life

Maximum Appeal in key poses

Blocking pass example

Here below are images of how the graph editor works. When I select the character the time line of the character comes up which allows me to edit how the movement of the character is. This will allow me to have greater control of the smoothness of the animation. When I select the stepped tangent it allows the animation to be blocked which is what I am creating.

Blocked (Stepped)


Non Blocked 12755218_1009256339136627_998961548_o

Below is the non blocked animation where we see maya making the model automatically move to where it thinks the model should be moving to.

Then the next video below shows the blocked animation of the character, making the character move from pose to pose.




Custom frame (key frame)

Below is a close up of the characters facial expressions for the postbox scene that I am developing. I have made him look angry and turn to the side thinking about the argument he has just had with his wife.

Buttons for Maya:

Window-General editors- Script editor then select a area on the model that I want to turn into a button command. Then highlight the command from the script then save it to the shelf in the custom slot. This will then allow me to alter between different buttons making easier for me to select the right areas of the model without accidentally moving his body into a position that I didn’t want. Below are a few screenshots showing me how to access the script editor for the button commands.


Character Sculpting

For my 3D character design I am either going to use the character that I had developed with on my character development module or model a famous person or a known creature. I think if I were to model my character that I had created previously I would add to his features developing him even more, I think seeing the model in a 3 dimensional space will help me generate a better understanding for my character and allow me to add to him and make my character look better visually.

Below are my character design work from last semester, it shows the style and the angles of my character that I had created. I also think the body size of my character is really useful for my work because it will help develop its character traits. I might attempt to do this character but if it doesn’t go well with the sculpting then I might just go back to my first character that I starred to develop which was a young female character with a slim body.

Scene idea

I found the scene from batman the dark knight where we see joker talking to a gang leader. I think this scene will be fun to animate and lip sync but I think there are too many character in the scene for me to do this.


I then found this scene which shows a conversation between two people which might be more suitable with what I am trying to create.


3d animation 30 seconds

5 seconds voice Recording a lip sync plan

5 seconds walk cycle

6 seconds postbox

6 ball throw

4 seconds turning reacting

4 anger after posting


Who are they? Angry man

Their intention is to post a letter? What is their obstacle?

Post a letter for divorce papers, thinking about what they have just been through

Where are they coming from, where are they going? Came from their home and heading towards the post box.

What are they thinking? They are thinking about the argument that they just had with their wife

Acting video reference

Here I tried to act out the scenario for the scene we were given. The scenery was meant to be that I was acting a angry man who just had another big argument with his wife and he ends up getting the divorce papers then walks off to the letterbox to post them with a angry walk. He also looks back thinking about the fight he just had with his wife.



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