Art and design essay: Week 3

Essay ideas and research

Alternative narratives

The animation industry
Whats in the industry?
Concept art

Priit Parn

Priit Parn is a animator who created Night of the carrots (1998) and Hotel E (1991). We looked at some his animation work to try and generate a better understanding on how to analyse work and generate our own ideas on what is happening and how to write what our thoughts were. This will help us develop our own ideas on how work is created and write valid points on our opinions which will help us create our own essay.


Hotel E (1991)

-What is the film about?
-How does the style/treatment contribute to the narrative?

I thought the film was about the contrast between rich and poor. I think it tried to show the realities of how bright and beautiful life is for the upper class (rich) then show the opposite for the lower class (poor) where we see how mistreated they are. I think it also shows how much the lower class people want to enter the world of the upper class but the upper class are scared that the poor will drag them down to their level in thier world.

The style of the work helps delievet the contrast of the story by showing a narrative showing how full of colour the upper class are where as the lower class people we see the people degirmed and how the dark is always following them. We also get a sense of death and see some even get killed.

I think the film shows how hard the lower class peoples lifes are compared to the upper class and that they have to suffer while the upper class has everything they need in life. We also see one of the people that I associate being in the lower class enter the upper class world and then the rich treat him as there own becuse he has managed to find a way into thier world but by doing this he ends up corrupting their world and keeps the door open between both realities.

This write up was so that I could develop my understandings of something and try and right out my thoughts and views in different critical ways.

Developing the essay introduction:


How is animation used within the game and film industries?

How is animation used in the creative industry?

Why is the animation industry growing?

What are the different ways animation being used?

What would the world be like without animation?

How has animation developed over the years?

How do we use animation for films?

Where can we find animation being used?

After having a discussion with my tutor I felt that I should lead my essay with the question how do we use animation for films with visual effects. I think this will be a good question to work from because I will have enough to work with and I think if I compared the time of visual effects being used in different years it will allow me to give a good comparison with my essay. I also think that I could include some of the questions that I had already thought of such as how is animation used in the creative industry and how has animation developed over the years.


How do we use animation for films with VFX?

Visual effects is the visual imagery used in films on a live action shot. It allows film makers to be able to create something that might be something you can’t film in real life. It allows them to add sci-fi and non fiction imagery in the film. Many film makers use VFX because of how much cheaper it is then going to a place or creating props for the scene. Visual effects is created using a series of layers with compositing. The layers normally consist of background scenery, live action and some form of animation which could be used to create a creature. Once the layers are all put together it will allow the visual effects to work and will bring the film to life. Something that might seem impossible to film will be made possible using visual effects which allow the film makers to make a successful film. ( There are lots of different software used to create the visual effects in films, many of them have to link with each other because you’d need to create the animation on a separate software to composite the layers together for the film. For example you could use Maya to create an animation but use adobe Photoshop to create the background then use after effects to put the layers together allowing them all to merge which will generate the final look of the VFX. (

How are special effects and visual effects different?



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