Compositing Week 2


Here is a short video that I have found on YouTube showing the development process of how the film avengers was created using visual effects. At first we see the development stages of the hulk. They firstly created a model for the character and created the animation movement for the model and added the layer onto to green screen with the live action. Further on we then see other examples of compositing with how the buildings and water is layered. Alot of film makes use visual effects now because it is cheaper and allows them to create different disasters by using technology. Visual effects allow the developers to add buildings to the scenery or other props, this is really useful because it allows the developers to be able to alter the setting to the way they want or the way they need it to be for the scene.

Here is another video that I have found on YouTube which is a breakdown on the visual effects used in the film Pirates of the Caribbean. We see the props being used in front of the green screen because it will the visual effects team to attach the props to the green screen layers. The actors will often have to try and act out with things that they cannot see. We also see a scene where Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) is jumping off a waterfall, this effect is created by having the actor act out him falling in front a green screen then have the layer of the waterfall compositing behind. There is then a scene we see of the background with the light house which is a strong example on how the layers work with the work. It shows the background, smoke and other effects in different layers being blended together to make a realistic visual look.


Green Screening

Why do we use green. Green is the colour that is furthest away from the human flesh tones. The camera senses can pick up the colour green more easily because they are most sensitive to the colour green so it will produce the cleanest look.

Blue screen can be used for people with blonde hair because it gives off a more contrast to the colour of the hair so that the hair colour doesn’t blend with the green background.

The actors for the scene can’t wear anything green or brown because they may cause problems with the green screen. If someone was wearing green when they are acting in front of the screen screen they will become invisible because there body would blend in with the background.

Shiny objects can inter fear with the green screen because if they reflect green they will become invisible. This will ruin the illusion and make the footage unrealistic.

Acting is important as well because it makes the film come alive and it is one of the core things with creating a strong quality film. The acting needs to be on point and when working with props they will have to interact with them and also act out things that may not be visually there.


Shoot the footage in the best quality as I can, this will give me the best possible look for the final outcome of the film. Make sure in sharpening effects aren’t on while filming with the camera. Make sure the green screen and the area within is lit up evenly, this will give of a balance in light and make the work look visually better. Use a shadow of depth of field to blur the green screen this will help separate the talent form the screen. The background needs to be planned out before shooting the scene, this is because the lighting needs to fit with the background so that they blend together without the footage looking unusual.

The Key light and fill light is used in front of the acting facing towards the actor, where as the back light will be behind the actor and light up them from behind. This will give a 360 degrees light up of the actor allowing the camera to be able to see the person more clearer. Then there will be lights facing the green screen behind the actor so that it lights up the background and that it all blends in with each other.

Textures for screen

These are textures I can add to the green screen footage for the background of my work. This will be a layer that will start to add realism to my work. If I wanted to add a rock to my background I would section a part of and add a small texture for a rock.!/category/?path=/Textures/ground/slope


Find out how shadow is formed for a CGI character onto a realistic object such as a table.

It is really important to be able to cast a shadow from a computer generated image to a live action because it creates the realism between them both. It allows both of the layers to merge and makes it more believable for the audience when seeing the work put together.

This software is called cinema 4d and it allows you to apply the shadow from the CG to the live action in the background. Cinema 4d allows you to cast the shadow that will allow you to composite the layer with the main rendered video on adobe after-effects.



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