3D Production Week 2

Research and tests

Here is a model of the character Max that I have downloaded. It is a pre modelled character to allow me to animate. When I first used the model I found it really difficult to get use to the features to be able to create movement. Then eventually after experimenting and doing movement with the character I found out how I could animate him and how to use him. The shapes on the model already had pre animated settings which allowed me to be able to change the position of the character. I was able to change the angles of each limb and body function. I also learnt that I was able to move his eyes and facial features which would be key for making him have a reaction.

Here are a few tests that I had created when animating the character Max. The first attempt was just doing basic movements, I also found that I did a mistake mid way through the animation which lead the animation to bend in unrealistic ways. The second attempt I managed to make Max bend down and bend back up and then stretch his arms back. I found this really interesting to learn and easy to do. These were just basic movement texts for me to get a feel of the character and the ways I can move him around.

3d animator artist research:

I found Leticia Reinaldo who turned out to be a 3d modeller and a texture artist. Her work shows a great range of different 3d artwork that she has created, also she has created a range of textures for characters and background.

I think this is really useful to have inspiration from because it will allow me to take ideas from other artist so that I can develop my own style and understanding with my work. We see characters that have been re created and other 3d environments that could be used for films and games.

Texture artists are artists that design or apply textures to a given surface or object making them look realistic to the visual environment. Alot of games need texture artists to create textures to different objects within the gaming world. Animation is also a key feature in most games because it allows the character to be able to move and react to the game commands allowing the user to play.


I then found the artist Josiah Haworth who created this short animation. I think this is a great artist to use ideas and learn from because it shows the 3d reactions he has created when creating the short animation of the couple in the restaurant. He has managed to capture strong reactions that I could use for helping me develop my skills for animating a CG character.

CGI character reaction:

Footage of a reaction

Here I have found a piece of footage for a reaction that I can use for animating, I think this will be a create piece of footage to use because it shows the dramatic reaction of a women seeing something unpleasant from the film Jurassic Park. This scene is a really good scene for its sound edit with the scream blending with the train station but the scene is set in completely different places which allows the flow of the film to stay but juxtaposition to a new place with a sound edit. It also shows a good reaction form from the parents, which is why I think I want to try and replicate the reaction in maya using Max.

Maya Max Reaction test

Here I have created a short 8 second reaction video using a similar reaction to the one on Jurassic park. I learnt how to move the facial features of the character model in maya which allowed me to make him react to a certain situation. I wanted to use the scream reaction out of the film the most because I felt it was the strongest reacition. So I tried to move the characters arms up to its face to show that they were in shock. I then made his mouth open wide and moved his eye brows down as if something big was happening in front of them. I altered the reaction from the scene in the film to try and make my own interpretation of the reaction. Next time I need to understand how to make the model move his legs so that it looks like it is running away.



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