Compositing Week 1


Film making got more advanced over the years as technologies got better. The process of better. The process of computer generated imagery and special effects developed creating characters visually.


Film the background the film the object with a colored background the format the object to the colour to the background.

Visual effects (VFX)

Visual effects are the digital effects created for films, television or a game. It captures the audiences attention to keep the flow of the story. Visual effects can be applied in many different ways and forms. You see Visual effects being added to alot more films in modern day because of the endless possibilities it has that the director can use to create the films. As we see in the picture below we can see a contrast of reality and visual effects, we see how the artists have added the effects by using different equipment to create their work. Green and blue screens allows the artists to apply the effects because of the software that they use.


Special effects (SFX)

It is the element that film makers use to create illusion for characters, props by using camera work and computer graphics. We see special effects being used alot for things such as explosions or electric being used from a character. Make up, props are also a main part in special effects because they also help develop the characters used in the story to try and make a more realistic look to the film. Below is a video that I have found that goes through the bad special effects that have been in films over the year because of the unrealistic looks being used. We also can see the range of different special effects that is used in films.

The lost world (1925) dinosaur

King kong (1933)

In this piece we see king kong climbing the empire state building, we can see the format being used between the background and the animation of king kong. In this time this would of been really well presented and would be very eye catching for the audience.

This is the more modern version of the film king kong that was created in 2005. We see a big jump from how the film has developed and how they have managed to format the work better using the more modern technology.


Through the 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s optical compositing was helping developers bring fantasy and science fiction to come alive in the big films. Depending on the budget it had made the difference to the final production of the film. The more budget the film developers have the more they can add to the film that they are creating.


In the 1950s they created the film the war of the worlds, which is a well known film. The film has to use alot of special effect because of the nonhuman creatures visiting earth in these tripod like ships.


This film shows the amount of production being put into the film using speical effect. From the breakdown we can see how they used models and had actors visually acting out where the skeletons would move to.


1980’s saw the difference between optical and digital composition.

Tron is also a well known film. We see a wide range of digital effects being used over the entire film. This is because of the style and concept of the film being set in a digital game.

1990’s Software and hardware was pushed further for the development of SFX and VFX.



Money supermarket advert

This advert that was created by money supermarket shows the uses of different layers being used and broken down into segments. Firstly we see them recording where they want the footage to take place and generated story board plans for the animation. Which then lead them to animate the elephant. Once they were happy with how the elephant they then added texture to the elephant animation to give him more realism. Once they had the animation they could composite it to the footage of the city that they had. They also added extra SFX to the scenery to make the city even bigger making it look more exciting for the final product.


  1. Matte- Early way of compoisiting

2. Traveling matte

3. Chroma key (Green and Blue screen)

We see green screens being used alot in the modern day because of them being able to be used with software programs to apply effects and work onto them. The reason why there is two colours is so that is they are in the background of a character who is wearing green clothes they are able to apply effects to the blue screen instead, this is so that the character keeps his body. Where as if it was also a green screen the character would appear with no body and would ruin the effects that are being used.

4. Alpha channel


Background plate

Still image layer

Live action layer

Animated layer

VFX layer

Professionals in the industries



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