3D Production Week 1

Research and tests

Pedro Conti

Research a character animator from a film

Kristoff Vergne (inside out)



Present their work and why I have chosen them

Book: How to cheat in maya

Website: www.howtocheatinmaya.com


We then looked at a small 3d animation of a character reacting to a small 3d box, this is a strong example on how we see the characters personality and facial experisions when discovering the box and trying to open it becuase of him being curious. We can see that he is curious becuase we see him thinking by using body language to show this. He taps and keeps looking at the box to show his curiosity. Then we see him trying to open the box but struggles, we see this becuase of his frustration in his facial expressions.

Character- I need to develop a character who can act out the scene and show strong facial expressions and reactions given to a certain situation.

Voice- I need to either develop or find a voice that will suit my character model and add it into the scene that I am creating.

Scene- I need to develop a scene for my character so that we have a understanding what is happening in the scene and how my character reacts to certain situations.

Rig- I would need to rig the character model to create facial expressions and reactions within the scene, this will capture the understanding of what sort of personality the character has so that the audience can relate and identify what sort of person they are.

Footage of live action- I would need to act out the scene once I have created the concept ideas for the scenes. This will allow me to get a better understanding of the movement that should be used within the scene so that I can bring my character to live by making it seem as realistic as possible.


Here below it was my first time using autodesk maya. So I experimented and learnt how to animate using the software. I firstly created a small ball and then set it in a position with the timeline from the bottom. This then lead me to set it in different positions as I added more frames to the work. This then allowed the ball to move to the set path that I wanted. I then looked at squashing and stretching the object to make the object look more realistic when it bounced on the surface.

Next I looked at how the pivot is used in animation. I found that is you changed the Pivot it will change the way the animation will move from. I did this by holding down the D button on the keyboard.

After I looked at how else I could animate objects, so I experimented by reshaping a pyramid. I found it to be really interesting to learn new ways of transforming objects in my process of study.

Then I went onto looking slow in and slow out, trying to replicate the smoothness in animation. I also created a test where I looked at the speed and timing on where the animation should be, with physics involved. I found this to be challenging to replicate because you had to understand the how it worked. This was important because there was a big difference with it having it and not having it, it gave the work realism.

Here I have experimented using the software on autodesk maya. I went on to creating a model of a castle to get use to how the features are used and how to mould shapes and resize them. I found this to be really interesting becuase it allowed me to learn for myself how different things worked on maya and how to connect and navigate when modelling a design. This will then help me when it comes to developing and creating my CG model for my 3d production module.




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