Art and design Week 1


Two artists

Len Lye

Who is he:

Len Lye was an film maker and sculpture who created films of his art work. He died in may 15th 1980 at the age of 78. He had created alot of short films through his career. When he first started he created his first animated film Tusalava which consisted of 4000 separate drawings which many found to be unique because of the experimental element to it that includes abstract shapes, dots and circles. He then went on to creating the film the colour box.

The colour box shows a strong example to how unique his style of work was. Using bold colours and abstract shapes to create experimental short films. Many of his films are held at archives around the world for others to see.

Johnny Hardstaff

Who is he:

Johnny Hardstaff is a Graphic design graduate who went on making short animations. His work has been created for commercial advertising, short films and long format film making. He has worked for big named companies such as Xbox, Sony, Honda, Hovis and Smirnoff. Alot of his work focuses on the production process of things of the years. Below shows an example of this where he had created a animation short for Sonys playstation 2.

Narrative talking
Non communication. Visual movement. Critical understanding
We watched a Short film from the film 9 (trailer shown below) which showed how movement and the story narrating itself instead of the footage having talking to each other. This showed how effective movement and motion can show without any talking. I could understand what was going on without anything having to explain to me what was happening within the short.

Below I found more research to back up the argument on how effective a film can be even without talking. Emotions and reactions are key in this because we can relate to how that person is feeling and get a better understanding on how they are feeling in certain situations. The short is from Charlie Chaplin, we see that he ends up getting trapped in a cage with a lion and tries to escape without waking the lion.

Run Wrake

We also looked at the artist Run Warke. Who was a graphic designer and animator. I find his work to be very expressive and he shows messages in some of his work where people can understand and relate to.

The Rabbit short below shows a small animation of to kids who butcher a rabbit and finds a Idol. This idol then starts turning objects into jewels which makes the kids want to chase after him and trap him so that they can be rich. Which leads to them being too greedy and they start killing more animals for the idol to turn the flies into more jewels. Eventually the idol escapes and the jewels turn into insects that crawl all over the kids. I think the animation showed a strong message of the sense of greed and that is they didn’t stop it will eventually affect them. The work also had its own way of narrating with everything having labels, I think this was so that we understood what was happening and it also made the message alot more effective because it was interesting to try and understand why there was labels on everything.



For my essay I would have to include multiple elements so that it meets the requirements for it to be an essay.

1st 3rd person
Harvard referencing is a way of referencing sources of information for academic purposes, this is so that the work has prove that your information is from somewhere and shows facts. It is also so that non of the work is copied but is written in your own writing.
2000 words
Images, work, examples

Question of essay ideas

Is silent narration effective?

Why do films use CGI?

What is the importance of the animation production process?

What industries use animation and how effective is the work?




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