Innovative Animation (5DM032)


The scene:

The story behind this short film shows a plane being hit by debris which leads us to find the plane landing in a forest. This then leads to the traveller to get out of the plane to go looking for a way home. He then ends up finding a small abandoned house which has nothing in but suddenly realises that the forest has something weird about it. A magical stalk begins to grow from the middle of the forest. Which the traveller ends up climbing up and finding his plane again which allows him to escape this enchanted forest.


Here are storyboard sketches of my idea of the story that I was trying to create. I found the story to be very fast changing but innovative which I wanted to be the main aim for my work.

Whats the animation about? The animation is about a journey of how someone gets lost and finds a way out of this different world that he has landed into.

How did my research help? My researched helped form the ideas and different styles within the animation, it allowed me to explore the innovative process in my work. It also helped me develop a story for my work and how I was going to adapt the style.

Did I choose the right style? I think there were others style that I could of used that could of worked better with my idea.

What could I have done better? I think I could of merged the animations better making them link together when changing scenes. I think I should slow down parts and should of added in extra frames for it to make even more sense for the work.

Has your project helped you to develop knowledge and skills in innovative animation? Yes I think it has allowed me to explore different unique styles that I was new to using and allowed me to think more outside the box with my work.


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