Character Development Week 12 (5DM028)


Sock is a bold strong quiet character, he likes to keep out of trouble and help others that need him. He is always trying to make new friends but people misjudge him becuase of the way he looks. He is oftenly clumsy and always trys to make others laugh, becuase he is a friendly giant but sometimes his anger can lead him to trouble…


Here is the storyboard process I created for my scene. It is a updated version to my previous storyboard. This is because as I developed my character further I wanted to show more reaction in the characters face, so I focused more on the part where we see him react. Also I wanted there to be a short side shot of my character so that people could see what my character looked like from the side.

Model sheet

Here are facial expressions and poses I developed when designing my character. The 3d models I created helped me get a better look on the different angles from my character.


Here are different style I looked at when developing my character. This shows how different my ideas were when eventually finding the right one to choose from. I was intrested in a few but I was really happy with the style with the wide face and long eyes because I felt it reflected the character traits that I wanted my character to have.



Here are Socks models that I had created and the structure for him that I wanted him to have. I took multiple images showing different angles for my model.

Concept art

Here are concept art ideas on my character. It also shows very different designs to the final look of my character, this is becuase I kept on changing the way I wanted him to look.

Final Look

Here shows the final pieces of work on how I wanted my character to look and what features I wanted him to have. Ive learnt through my progress that my characters appearence frequently changed which shows the development and ideas I had while creating my character.



Here is my animation scene that I created for my character “Sock” I found this was quite succesful. I think I managed to capture my characters personality and voice well.

Whats the animation about? The animation that I have created so far for my character shows his movement and reactions to certain situations. It shows him reacting to a ball being thrown at him then being laughed at by other people. I found this to be a challenge to try and re create my characters reaction because it also shows the audience what sort of creature he is. I wanted to stick to my old idea for animation which was just having a ball being thrown at him other then having multiple balls being thrown at him.

How did my research help? My research and development helped because it allowed me to keep changing my character design and look until I was happy with how he had looked. At first he was wearing a mask which didn’t really show much reaction in his face, so I scrapped the mask idea and moved onto how he would look without the mask which went him to not having any eyes which was also hard to show a reaction in his face. I then started to develop how my character would look like with bold eyes, which I thought worked because I found the eyes to relate to his innocence as a character. The mask was something he could wear so its more an item then apart of my character itself. Throughout my process on creating my character we find my ideas changing and developing using the feedback I had got from my classes.

Did I choose the right style? I think I used the right style, because it showed a simple animation displaying my characters personality and design. But I also think that if I used autodesk maya it would allow me to get an even better look for my character as-well.

Did I understand the software? Yes I understood the software when creating my characters animation.

What could I have done better? I think I could of made my character better by focusing more on its design even more, looking more on features and styles my character could have.

Has your project helped you to develop knowledge and skills in character development? Yes it has shown me the development and understanding of the production on characters are created and how they are formed from ideas and information.


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