Advanced 2d animation Week 12 (5DM029)



The scene I wanted to create was all about a light-bulb in a kitchen popping out of its socket but then coming to life and finding a way through obstacles in the kitchen to reach its destination. I used the spotlight effect as my main edit because I felt it was able to capture the look that I wanted. I also used a mixture of audio that had found which I felt would work well with scene.

First animation

My animation test I found was too quick and I learnt that I needed to slow the project down and work on the character to try and bring him to life. My main aim was to make him react to certain situations making it seem that it is trying to figure out a way to get to its destination.


After added the segments of scenes that I had created and editing them together I found my animation to be how I wanted but I also learnt things which I could add and fix if I were to re do it. I liked how I managed to add the spotlight effect to link with the scene because it made sense because of the light bulb popping.



For development I found that if I added and re did some scenes to bring my characters personality alive it would make the animation more interesting and give a stronger visual look to my work. I also think I should of tried to use colour with the animation, the reason I didn’t was because I enjoyed the style which I had created with the outlines because I felt it gave it more of a digital look.

What’s the animation about? My animation for my project is about a light-bulb that pops in a kitchen and tries to find its way to get back into the light socket to light up the room again. I wanted to keep my animation simple and keep it within a style. I liked the lines being used to show the different objects and parts within the kitchen which I thought worked with the animation itself. I wanted the light-bulb to fall out and land then transform into different forms to try and make it round the kitchen to reach its objective.

How did my research help? My researched help me generate different ideas and techniques I could use. I looked at different kitchen layouts and tried to add kitchen and non kitchen relative objects within the scene.

Did I choose the right style? I think the style that I have used is strong because I found that adding a background or coloring in the work might add to much to the scene itself which I didn’t want to happen because I wanted the main focus to be on the light-bulb throughout which is called staging which is a principle that I wanted to make sure I used. I also looked at squash and stretch, slow in and slow out, timing, exaggeration and anticipation with when the light flickers then pops out.

Did I understand the software? I think I understood the software well because I also learnt new tools and new ways to create my animation which allowed me to gain more of a learning curve on the software. I used Tv paint to create the animated scenes, premier pro to edit the timing of the scenes and I also used it to add the audio onto the sequence. I then used adobe after effects to add a spotlight style to the work to give of the illusion that the light was still giving off energy and it also made the staging for the animation much more clearer.

What could I have done better? I think what I could of done better to my work is created it in a 3d style animation using maya. But the project was all about looking at advanced 2d animation, which ment using the principles of animation on a 2d work flow to create my footage. So I think if I were to re do it id develop the animation itself more and make the animation transform into more objects and interacting with the kitchen more. I also think I could make it better if the camera and the adventure of the light-bulb changed abit more.

I think one of the biggest parts about my animation is bringing it more to life adding more personality to my character so it reacts more to the different environments its currently in. This will bring the story alive more and keep the story flow more exciting then it already was. For example when the object lands in the frying pan it should have arms reacting to the heat and then we see it burst out and land. Another example is where we see the light-bulb pushing back on the elastic, we should see it trying to push as far as it can with its legs before being lunched. I think I managed to show some personality elements to my work but I missed out on adding big parts to make the animation much more life like. Animation is all about bringing objects to life and giving the character personality.

Has your project helped you to develop knowledge and skills in 2d animation? Yes I think It  has allowed me to learn more about the uses of 2d animation. It is something that Im not really intrested in using but I found the project to be useful and I feel that I have learnt more about how the software programs work with 2d animation techniques. I think if I were to create another 2d animation I would try and explore more ways on using the ideas that I have learnt from within this project.


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