Innovative Animation Week 11

Animation development and production

I started to think on what to add to my scene and how I could produce my short film. I knew that I wanted to make it so that the story that I was creating had lots of different innovative animated scenes linking with each other. I thought this would be a good idea because the module itself is all about looking and using different animation techniques that I might not be familiar with. Using my research that I had gained over the weeks I learnt more about stop motion and Silhouette animation because I found those to be more interesting forms to me. So I wanted to make it so that my animation started off with a stop motion animation of a plane crashing into debris. This will then allow me to try and change the scene for where we see the other animation take place. I cut out a numerous amount of black card for the silhouette animation to take place for the next scene. I wanted the style to be a bit different to how I had used it before with the light box in the background so I tried to form it with the freestyle animation similar to how Blu creates his work on walls. I also found that creating my animation on the window frame to work create well with the idea because it was perfect for making a ground for the silhouette scene. So then the story continued to where we find the person land in a forest which then leads to him walking for a way back home. I tried to make it seem realistic so I added animals for the short film. I found that adding them made it bring more alive in the animation itself. After he then discovers a small house which he wonders in to look for help. Then suddenly to his surprise he discovers a beanstalk growing in the forest. The idea was inspired by Lotte Reinigers work with how she re created the Hansel and Gretel story. I wanted to take elements from the story from Jack in the beanstalk and try and re create it in a different way in a more innovative modern style. I thought that bits of the story needed to be merged a little bit better but I also thought about how it could leave people making there own ideas on what Is happening in the scenes, giving there own intake of the short film. Next we find the plane take off leaving a short freestyle pen animation that I wanted to do for another use of innovative animation, I wanted the imagery of the snake to represent a sense of danger on what has happened with the plane that something else is going to happen leaving it with people questioning on what is going to happen next. I also thought It was another good style to add to the footage because I made it so that the animation followed itself throughout from starting as a piece of paper to a plane then merging to a man then plane with is finally forming into a snake for the final part.

Below are development pictures of my work.

Here is a 38 second animation clip that I first created which then lead me to discover that the lighting was effecting the silhouette animation because it was making it more noticeable that they were cut out which I thought was ruining the effect. I also found that the animation was too quick at some parts so I decided I needed to edit parts.

This next video shows the scene again but with some parts much slower then others and with a extra part for the plane for the end so that it didn’t leave the screen to quick for the audience to see. I also added the titles on the animation to make it feel my a story so that It has a start and an end.

Next I thought about the lighting issue more and discovered a way to fix it and also gain another effect to my work. I decided to add a spotlight effect to the animation by using Adobe after effect, which I thought works really well in the forest part because it added to the atmosphere of the story. Like having a mist or fog in the forest which made me think more about Yuri Norsteins work with how he adds atmosphere to his work.

So far I think that this animation that I have is going well because I have explored different innovative animation techniques that I am not normally use to and allowed me to adapt to new tools that I could use for future animations. It also has allowed me to think about how using different techniques could lead to finding new solutions in my work.



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