Character Development Week 11

Here is my final development of my character and the animation that I have created for my character. I wanted to create more angle and views to get a better feel for my character before animating it. I drew out the front and side view of my character to get a better idea of my characters structure to his body.


I experimented with different colours seeing if there was much difference in the way he would look. I think that the dark colours work well with my character the most because it makes him looks more intimidating.


Here is my character animation that I have created. I found that when I was animating my character it brought the character to life and it allowed me to have a feel on my character much more. After watching this through I found that I needed to re design the characters walking animation at the start and focus more on his reactions and adding a lip sync for the characters voice.

Below is the introduction to the film Guardians of the Galaxy where we find the main character being introduced. The music that is being played shows the characteristics of the character from the start because it allows the audience to engage with what the characters personality is like and what sort or person he is.

Lip Sync and music for character

I’ve added the lip sync to my work and gave my character a voice. I think the voice I have choose for my character suits him because it is a deep strong voice which goes well with how my character visual looks like. From looking at how other people have betrayed giant top heavy character I found that some used deep voices to go with there character. I got this audio from recording my own voice and editing the audio to make it sound deeper than what it already was. I also added a music soundtrack to my character of a guitar being played, I thought this would suit my character because It was a soft nice sound which have similar traits to my character.


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