Advanced 2d Animation Week 11

Animation development

Here is my 2d animation so far with using all the techniques that I wanted to implement to my work. I used audio to try and create a realistic feel to the work. I also used adobe software to add effects which link the scenario of the scene. The research that I had found helped me think about the story more and develop a better understanding on what is happening within the scene.

Below are scenes that I decided to re create because I found that my character needed more personality. I thought this would be the sort of thing I would further develop for my animation because It is all about bringing more life to my character and how he looks and reacts to certain situations.

This video footage shows the inspiration to give my animation for my light-bulb more personality, having more of a reaction in the scenes. It also shows a strong example of exaggeration which helps display how the character shows his characteristics traits. I’ve learnt that by adding these sort of reactions to my character it will bring my work more to life. I like how simple the bouncy ball animation is but yet has alot of detail and effect when it is animated. It brings the work to life which is what I want to further develop onto my project.

Reference: Annike Pienaar

After looking at some research I decided to try and re create some scenes to try and get a stronger feel to my work.

Oven scene re done

For this scene I re created the reaction form my character when he lands into the frying pan, I think this will helps show the sense of panic within my character. I added arms to him to try and show his panic.

Shelf scene re done

This scene that I re did shows him thinking and trying to understand what situation he is now in.

Slingshot scene re done

This scene I looked at trying to show the characters struggle to try and get up to his destination, so you see him pushing with his legs as far back as he can so that he can catapult higher in the kitchen.



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