Innovative Animation Week 9


Here are the cut outs development for my work. I have cut out a range of silhouettes that I would be using to animate for my innovative animation short. I have cut out scenery, props and characters with walk cycles to allow me to create a smooth animation.

I looked at Lotte Reingers work which is where I thought of the idea to set my animation as a well known story but in my own way and making it look how I wanted it to look.

This video is all about Hansel and Gretel, Lotte Renigers version of the story. I thought this was a good idea to use her style and add to a story that people are already aware of but with a twist. The idea I got was to set mine based on Jack and the beanstalk but make it so that a person ends up falling into a different world and has to find a way to climb out of it. In this new world he finds deer and forests as he looks for a way out. When he gets the centre of the forest he finds a small house and finds some magic beans which he then plants so that they grow into a beanstalk so that he can climb back up to his world.


Here is a short animation I have created of the buildings around Wolverhampton University,  I created this to try to experiment with more media to see if I would include any in my final piece. I like how I have created this because alot of it is just on a repeated cycle through a series of work. I like the effect that it gives of on the work because it is really detailed and brings the city to life in a short animation.


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