Innovative Animation Week 10

Research and Ideas

Today I found this short music video by the Arctic monkeys, which gave me an idea with my work. I like how the animation is formed by a single line across the screen which forms into different animations, or that some of the animation keeps colliding into its self creating new images. I thought maybe when I produce my silhouette animation I could try and replicate that style but by using silhouettes instead.

Silhouette animation Scene

Here are cut out for my work for the innovative animation project. I started cutting out the silhouettes that id be using for my scene. I thought using the window ledge was a good way to show the ground level of the animation.  I looked at creating a walk cycle for the animation on a clear background instead of using a light box. I thought this was a good idea because it was more of an innovative idea then using the light-box. I wanted to try and use the tools and objects around me to try and re create the story but have it in a innovative environment such as a window ledge. While watching the final film it should feel like that it is set in its own world but then you get an idea its actually set in a building, which allows you to break away from the form of reality and the story itself.


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