Character Development Week 9


Today I looked more at the development of my animation for my character Sock. I after creating short storyboards of the scene for my character I created a short animatic on how the scene would look and how my character would react in his scene. I also looked at adding eyes to my character and eyebrows which helped create more of a reaction for my character.

After creating this animatic I found that I should make his reactions last longer and that I should make him react alot more than he does in the scene, this will hopefully bring out my characters personality more.


This animatic is from the development of the film monsters inc. This allowed me to have a better idea on how they use camera shots and the reactions in their character in their scenes.

Sound Character development

Beauty and the beast opening song

Annie 1982 Little Girls (Miss Hannigan)


The Piano (1993)

Sound of Character

Body Sound/World Sound

  • Kevin Convoy
  • Hank Azaria
  • Billy West
  • Rob Paulson
  • Peter Cullen
  • Tress Mcneil
  • Jim Cunnings
  • Tara Strong
  • Mel Blanc
  • Frank Welker

Top  Ten Narrations

Batman Penny Elfman

Creative Task Listen to a piece of music and create a character from the music.

Create a suitable sound for my character.

Having the right sound for your character that fits the characters personality allows you to bring out your characters traits alot stronger. If its a loud heavy soundtrack then maybe the character would be loud top heavy. If the soundtrack was calm relaxing, elegant then the character would be like a dancer or ballerina.  Having sound that links to your character can show a mental image on what your character is like. Also maybe without even seeing the character you could have a feel on how the character is by just listening to the soundtrack attached to him. For example if I were to chose a song that I liked and it would fit my personality, because I can relate to the song and it means something to me giving you an idea on what sort of character I am even if I don’t show it visually.

Here is a short walk test that I had created for my character, using the body shape of my character I did a rough sketch on how I could animate him walking onto the scene. After doing this I found that I need to go into further development of my character and maybe think more about how he would move more, being top heavy might mean he would move slower and drag his arms more.



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