Character Development Week 10

Research and development

Re do model… refrence from..

Here is a video that ive watched which shows the modeling process that is used to create characters. I found that this was a really useful video to watch because the creature that was being modeled had a very simular top heavy body to what my character has. So when I re model my character again I can use this for refrence. It also shows how they create different segments of the creatures body, how they form the mucles, how they create its structure and facial features. We also see how the facial structure gets changed and adjusted until they are finally happy with how it looks. I also learnt that when creating a 3d model of your character you learn new features and body structure that you dont realise when drawing it out in 2d. You get more of a feel on how your character looks and where the mucles and features are on your character as a whole.

Andy Serkis

Motion capture is used alot in modern films today because it brings characters to live from actors and applying CGI to them they are able to create a realistic imaginative character to life. Andy Serkis is a famous actor who has helped act in many films because on how he is able to grasp the personality of a character and bring them to live. For example the video below shows footage of him acting out being an ape, we find that even with all the technology on him he is able to replicate a clear representation of an ape like creature without being in costume. This allows the CGI team to apply a animated character on top using the actor as the core of the character using his movement to animate from.

Creating Gollums character

This video is great for seeing the characters personality come to life. We see the different uses of facial expressions used by Andy Serkis for Gollum to come to life much more. The exageration on his face allows us to get a better understanding on what mood the character is feeling, what they are doing and how they are reacting.

This next video I found was the process someone was creating for their characters design. They used software to visually create a 3d model of their character, this allowed them to see their character from a whole new prospective. I found this video because I thought it was another strong use of material to work from becuase of the body shape and features that could link to my characters development.

Then I looked at other examples of concept art work and how other people have created giant like characters. I found that the shoulders were often broard and that the body structure was top heavy. Some also had long arms which I could add to my design. The texture of skin used for the creatures was one of the things I thought about aswell because I felt it gave it more of a background for the creature for other people to relate with where it had come from.


Here I decided that I needed to work on my characters face, I found that I needed to add more facial features to my character to make him have more of a reaction when animating my character. This will give my character a chance to show his personality more and allow other people to understand my character alot better as a whole. Learning his characteristics and what his personality has on offer.

Reference walk cycle


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