Advanced 2d Animation Week 9


Here are development of how my work has built up and how I have added or edited other parts of my work. Giving you a understanding on how my progress towards the final outcome.

Here is the re designed wide shot that i have created for my animation. I have added objects that are being used in other scenes so that there is consistency in the work.

From this I used the principle stretch and squash which gave the animation a more realistic approach to the work. It also allowed me to move to the next segment of the animation.

Next scene I added a new simple design for an object, which I didn’t want to put to much detail into the way the objects looked because I felt that they were in a style that I could bring forwards.

With this segment I created it so that when the ball/light bulb lands in the frying pain it begins to cook it which leave it to have a smoke effect burn away from it. Once there is a spotlight applied to this part it will hopefully make it so that people are still tracking the ball instead of the surrounding animation.

On this part I made it so when the light bulb realises that it has to climb up it pauses for a second and looks up before attempting to climb up.

This bit I made it so there was away for the light bulb to get to the other side of the room by using a slingshot sort of object which it finds on top of the fridge.

Next part shows the impact of the light bulb hitting the side of a cupboard, from getting launched from the slingshot. This allows me to show gravity and pressures being used in the animation.

This segment shows the light bulb bouncing its way through new challenges getting past the final parts of its journey.

This part I wanted to be more creative on how it can finally reaches its destination, so I made it so that it needs to use a cannon to get launched into the socket for it to end with a bang literally. Plus having the cannon allowed me to add more animation to the work.

For this final part when it finally reaches it destination, I made it so that when it hits the socket of the light it drops into place and pops back on lighting up the room again. This will make the scene end with the sense of achievement for the short film because it reached its goal and overcame all the obstacles thrown at it.


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