Advanced 2d Animation Week 10


This is my final outcome for my animation, after putting all the parts together and editing it them all I then went on to looking to add more effects to my work and using different style to make it stand out. I added blank parts to footage to give the animation more sense of timing in between each part so that it wasn’t to quick for the audience to follow. I also found that when I did end up adding the spotlight effect to the animation is blended together with the blanks which made the work flow better.

This video shows the film with the use if the spotlight effect and how I ave rendered it together with the animation. By using adobe after effects it allowed me to track the animation throughout the film, changing the size and form of the spotlight. It also allowed me to make the animation light up at the start and at the end of the footage. I also added text to my work giving it a title which I thought fit on how the animation is used.

I then looked at the audio for the animation, to bring my piece to life. I used a strong suspense music for my background soundtrack because I felt it gave a sense of adventure for the animation. I also gave the title a small audio sound which is used to show that it has been blown away. When the lights flicker on and of I used a light flicker sound that I was able to find online. The light bulb I used a ping pong audio to show that it was bouncing, and when it came out or went into the socket we could hear a popping sound similar to the sound of a light bulb that would pop if the fuse had blown inside.


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