Character Development Week 8

Here are storyboarding ideas for my character animation. I also created a few sketch’s of my character Sock. I want my character to walk onto a setting in a classroom and stand thinking about things. Then suddenly he would get hit by a paper ball that someone had thrown at him. This then leads to Sock being confused and looks around himself wondering who had thrown it at him. He then figures out there were students hiding at him and laughing. So he ignores them. They then continue to throw more at him until he is buried in paper balls. He then grabs them all and moulds them all into a big paper ball to throw back at them. When he does this he ends up throwing it too hard at someone and knocking them over. He reacts to this and trys to apologise to them and hug them.

Next I decided to change his face around again to see what he would look like. I found that the second face design I had created by mistake I really liked and that I wanted to use this face as the final look. I then drew up a few facial expressions from this 3d face trying to replicate the look that I had created. The looks of the characters face is one of the key importance to showing what my characters personality is like and how he is betrayed, what traits he has. After designing the model I found that he needed eyes to show more of a reaction. Being able to see the expression from the characters eyes and eyebrows allows you to understand how that character is feeling at ta given time and what choices he is next going to make. It allows you to predict and relate to the character. Some of the most successful characters have been created using this because it grabs the audience and allows them the relate with feelings on what the character is emotionally going through and what he is all about. I thought that I should make his eyes large so that it was easier for people to understand him abit better then what he already was. Having big bold eyes also shows the characters traits that he might have such as being innocent and friendly.

I then found this video that I could use for reference for my animation for my character. (Video not mine)

This will help me get a feel on how my character would look walking towards the camera in the first scene.  I think this character’s build is similar to my characters build which has allowed me to have a better idea on how my character would also look.

I also used this video that I had found for reference, for paper balls being thrown into the trash bin. (Not my video) This will give me and idea on how paper balls move when they are being thrown by someone.



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