Advanced 2D Animation Week 8

Today I started to create my animation project. I took the ideas from my testing and added in new things into my final piece. I also thought about different camera angles for my work. I also thought it would be a nice idea to make it so that the animation could loop after 30 seconds, so that the story could repeat itself without any change.

Here are my example pieces of my progress so far:

This first clip shows the process of the light-bulb landing on the shelf. Once I have edited this clip it will start of bright then the light in the room will shrink to follow the light bulb because it isn’t connected to the socket any more.

The second clip shows the light bulb turn into more of a mould shape which then bounces of the shelf. I wanted it to use some animation principles on its process this will make the animation look more realistic.

For this clip it shows the bulb land on something that isn’t there. This is because I was still thinking on different objects to use for different scenes.

With this scene I made it so that when the ball lands in the frying pan smoke begins burning away from it. This gave me the idea the play around with the background animation aswell as the main animation. Once the spotlight is on it should allow the audience to follow more of the main animation than anything else. This is called staging which is another one of the principles of animation.

For this clip I wanted to make the ball transform into the light bulb but also using some gravity forces pulling down onto it when it hits the surface. After watching it I found that I should re do the animation for it because it didn’t look how I wanted.

Here I have created a small animatic to give me an idea on how the story could be developed further. It gave me ideas on where I could go in the kitchen and what objects I could use on the way during the development stages.


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