Innovative Animation Week 8


Caroline Leaf

Today we looked at animation ideas for our work on different ways we could animate our projects what material or forms of animation we could experiment with in our animation project. We looked at two artists Caroline Leaf and Guilherme Marcondes.

The Street

This video we found that Caroline Leaf used oil on glass to create this animation. The style of this animation is very blurry and has a sinister look to it. The animation works really well I think because it makes you connect with the story flow and understand the feelings the characters may be going through.

Two sisters

With this film I found it to be very weird and different, it isn’t a style I would use personally. It shows a girl protecting her sister from the outside world because of the way she looks. But then someone finds her locked up and shows her that he doesn’t think she looks funny.

Guiherme Marcondes

Is a filmmaker and a creative directer, we found out that he also directed the adverts for the company British gas.


This short shows a tiger being lifted and moved around down a city. As it goes round the city it starts transforming people to small animated jungle like characters. I think the message of this short is that the tiger is strong bold character that turns the city into a jungle because it already is a jungle and the tiger is the king of the city/jungle. I like how effective the tiger looks in this short, you can see the people lifting him up and taking it around and there is a strong use of colour. I think being able to see the people lift the tiger adds to the short because normally you wouldn’t be able to see them but it allows us to understand how it is created.

The masters voice

This is a short of a strange character meeting these small animated characters. I think that the median that is used is very strong. The colours work really well and show different messages in the work.


With this short I love the colour and the use of objects being used. We also don’t see much animation being used in this short. A lot of the footage speaks for itself, stretching the boarders of camera and stop motion work being used.

British Gas

This animation if for the company British gas, we find strong bold a 3d and 2d animation being used in this short. The purpose of it is to encourage people to switch to British Gas and I think the animation idea behind it delivers the message really well because of the style being used.

Autism Speaks

This short animation shows whats autism is all about. Its purpose is to deliver a message to people to understand the effects of autism so that they can understand those people a little bit better. I really like the set design work on this short because its in the style of a story book.


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