Character Development Week 7

Character Research

Today we looked at characters from films, this allowed us to gain a stronger sense on what the character personality traits are like in certain situations. This will then give us a stronger idea on how we could show our characters personality in a 20 second animation.


From watching Charlie Chaplin the kid we developed ideas on how the characters personalities are like. Charlie Chaplin is a Funny, Clumsy, Good hearted character, we find this when he finds a young child who he picks up and tries to help them.

From watching Jerry Maguire we found that the main characters personality changes when he is in desperation to for his last client to stay with him. So we find our character go out of character which leads him to shout in his work space.

With this scene we looked at how a scenario could make the characters get out of character. We find that they get stuck in an elevator and they all behave differently. This allows us to see there true personality. The guard loses his character instantly by saying that they ill plummet to the bottom of the lift. The women becomes aggressive and snappy with what people say. While the actor Tom Hanks remains calm and trys to encourage others to remain calm and relaxed with him. While he is in there he realises that there’s things in his life that he should change because he dosnt enjoy those things any more. So he ends up moving out from his apartment. This sudden situation allowed the characters to show there true personalities and openly think about there life choices.


We all then had to act out our characters personality’s in a scenario. This allowed us to gain a better understanding on how our characters could be animated and so that we could the different reactions that we could use.

Idea 1

My first idea is that my character would knock someone’s drink over and laughs at himself for being clumsy. Then he finds out that the drink belonged to someone and that they started to get upset about it so he would walk over to them and hug them to say sorry.

Idea 2 

My second idea is that he could stand in the middle of the room and get hit by paper balls and gets buried in with paper being thrown at him. So then he grabs all the rubbish and makes a massive paper ball and throws it back at them which ends up hitting them to hard because he doesn’t realize his own strength. So then he would try and cheer them up.

Idea 3

My third idea is that he gets tripped over a bully but gets back and starts to copy their every move so that they get embarrassed about him.

References for animation

With this short animation I thought it would be a good start for a reference because the Iron Giant has some personality traits that my character also has. We find a tall robot realizing that someone has caused trouble so he tries to stop them escaping. We also find that he realizes that there is a bomb heading towards him wear the town is. So he decides to sacrifice himself in order to save people lives. This shows his true personality, that he cares about others and will help others in need.

This is the acting scene we acted out replicating the scene for our character. This will help me create a short story board for my animation to work from. I think for my final animation I should focus more of the reaction of my character then what is going on in the scene, this will allow me to show me about the characters personality.


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