Advanced 2d Animation Week 7

Today I looked at the audio I could use for my line test and added it to try and bring my animation to life. I looked at sounds from for a loud energetic sound that could work with my animation. With this sound and all the effects put together it allowed me to understand what my animation would look like in the end.

Also we gained feedback on our line test animation before we started to create the final animation. This allowed us to fix anything or add anything to our work before creating the final piece.

Next I started thinking about colour and the background. I think for my final animation I would include a dark background to my work.

I used these images for reference for my work and to generate more ideas on how I could create the story and how the background in my work would look. I think for my final animation I should include more obstacles for the light bulb and make his journey more of a challenge. This will bring my animation to at least 30 seconds of footage.

This is a short animation of lighbulbs dangling down from a ceiling, this gave me inspiration on how my light bulb could look when it reaches the end of its journey.

This short animation shows the process of objects morphing into different objects. This has gave me the idea of maybe making my light bulb transform into different objects on its journey to get to its destination. I feel that my animation should show lots of ideas in reaching its final destination.

Below is the first animation that I had created for my project development. I found that the outline style that used worked well with the spotlight and I found that I wanted to bring this forward for my final animation attempt. I also learnt that I needed to add more objects and scenery to my work to further develop the piece.

This video shows the sort of exaggeration and staging I was looking at for further development with my work. I think the bounce of the ball landing onto the surface brings out the animation better where as the first animation that I did for my work there isn’t as much exaggeration. It makes the animation more realistic and work with how physics. I think also adds the illusion of reality instead of people thinking its not really and its just an animation.


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