Character Development Week 6

Development and Research

Here are sketches of my character, each showing ideas on how I want him to sort of look. I feel that he should keep his mask on to hide his identity more, so people don’t know what he looks like under it. After drawing these I found that I shouldn’t use fur because it might look like a character that has already been created. So I stuck with the idea of him wearing a uniform. I then started to mould his body into the shape that I wanted him. The first head that I had created was to big for his body so I re moulded it to become smaller. This allowed his body to look more heavy and made my character look more dopey. I found that I should positioning him to a pose would allow me to get more of an idea on how he would look 3d in that position.  After my first attempt of modelling my character I feel I should be more experimental with my work and see how I could change its features as I progress with my work. After the concept art I found that I needed to smooth my character out a bit on adobe Photoshop.


Next I looked at Weta Works character development. Weta Work’s work below (not mine) They have worked on films such as the hobbit, avater and many other films. Creating the models of the creatures that are often seen in the films. They start of developing concept art and then create designs on how there character would look and then they would create the character with more of a 3d look.


Then we looked at the artist Darren Marshall who helped create models for the star wars clone wars franchise for eight years. Working with Lucas arts film studio, he would design models using clay and building up his work by applying muscles.

Maquette Sculpting

Here is a Marquette sculpture which shows how artists create the models. They start of using wire to craft the skeleton of the characters model so that they can apply muscles to the model to make it look more realistic. When it came to the face they would use small circler shapes or cylinder shapes to do the smaller muscles in the face such as the lips or the eye lids. This will then start to make the character look more alive. The muscles help shape the character more then anything, as I’ve discovered and learnt it also can indicate what sort of personality traits your character may have. The heavier  the muscles are at the top tend to show that your character is more dominant and muscular. I found creating the scuplture very time consuming but really intresting becuase it allowed me to get a better visual look of my character to understand him more. It also gave more more ideas on changing a few features for my character such as instead of him wearing a mask I could use a material over his head.

3 artist styles:

Tim Burton

Tim Burton’s character designs are sinister looking and are often created using pen, his characters have long limbs or often have a bold head.


Quentin Blake

Qeuntin Blake designs the characters for the Raould Dahl books, his style is more like a kids attempt but he has made it so that it is neat. We see less detail in his work but more colour and messy lines being used.


Daniel Orive

Daniel Orive has a much more bold and detailed approach to his art work, we see that he likes to use 3d as him main style of work, and he uses strong detail to his work to make it look more realistic.


Sketch’s in there styles and Model work

Here I have tried to recreate the style that Tim Burton and Raould Dahl have used. This allowed me to develop more ideas on how my character could look. I used water colour and pen for these designs. I found water colour has a nice effect to the work when designing concept ideas.

Here I decided to recreate my model because I thought I needed to work more on the structure of my character. So I cut the limbs off the original design off and then added long arms to the base of the character. I then added muscle shaped plaster to the arms which then built up the structure. I also decided to re design the face of my character because I didn’t think it looked right. I built up the bottom of the face which left him to have a nice mouth look to him. After I added a waist then two small legs to my character. Once I was happy with how he looked I thought about how he would pose and I also made him lean on a small rock sculpture.

After designing the 3d model of my sculpture I then started to re draw his design concept, fitting to his new looks. I found that the model making allowed me to develop my character even further and find new features to my character.



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