Character Development Week 5

Today we looked at how people were getting on with developing there chosen character design.

After creating more expressions for my character I found I wanted my character to have horns a big button nose, two small teeth. I think these features allow him to still look like the age that he is intended to be. He is a big friendly shy schoolboy who is misunderstood and trys to fit in with the rest of the school. His body will be top heavy with his face under his shoulders. He wears a small tie to show that he is in school and wears a mask to represent that he hides away from others.

This is a piece that I have used for inspiration for my idea (not my concept art)


This has made me think about more ways on how my character can look once I have sorted my characters body formation. I feel that when I create my concept art for my character it needs to have different textures, styles and colours on them so that afterwards I have a range of designs that I can choose from.

When I sketched out more character ideas for my character Sock I found that I might of been making him look to sinister and creepy because of him wearing a mask and wearing a dark black school suit, so I started thinking on ways to balance things about a bit because I didn’t want him to be a scary character, but I wanted him to look friendly, shy and bold. I think adding a bright colour fur to him would make him look more friendly and that his shoulders wasn’t too bold which meant less muscles.

Below are some more sketch’s of development for my character.


Next I decided to start creating a more finished look to my character so I used Photoshop to try and make Sock look more realistic. I found after creating lots of different shapes and sizes of the character that he also needs to look friendly. I think that his skin should be a soft texture or maybe fluffy like a sock. This will allow him to be more of a friendly looking character instead of him being intimating. This would also go well with his personality I think because even though he is a big round creature he is a nice warm loving character who shouldn’t look threatening. If I were to go through with the idea I would use a bright colour to show that he is a nice character. Red would represent a warm loving friendly character. Yellow would also be a warm colour that I could use for my character. I think that maybe I should make him more clumsy by making his teeth wider or his clothes more ripped.

I then looked at more concept ideas from other characters with a similar structure to gain a better understanding on how I could develop my character. Below are some concept art for the character Sully from monsters inc. It shows the pre development of the character. There final idea eventually leaves there characters being blue with purple spots on him. They have also changed how his face looks over time.


From these images we see the design ideas that they went through before reaching their final result. They experiment with adding different textures, colours, patterns and shapes on the character making as many designs as they can before reaching a final conclusion. I think for my character I will follow through this method using different colours and patterns to try and find the best suited look for my characters final design. We also see that even when they were creating different visual designs of the character they still ended up changes the characters facial features in the end result.

Visual Summary of my characters design:

I want me character sock to be a big top heavy creature who wears school clothes or just wears a tie around his neck. I want him to be furry and have yellow fur. I want him to have a biggish eyes with a button nose and have small horns. These features should help show that he is a warm friendly character and that he dosnt want to hurt anyone.


I think this body structure might fit him more then the other one because it makes him look more round and friendly, it also is shorter then other designs. I want his head to be large and have long arms so that he can hug people or defend others if they need his help.

I want my character sock to be shy, clumsy, smart, brave, strong, friendly. He is a small creature who ends up on earth and wants people to accept him for who he is rather then what he is. He uses a mask so people don’t make fun of him in school and he trys to make friends because he dosnt have a family. He has to scavenge his way though rough situations. He lives at school hiding away from the teachers so that they don’t know he has to live there because of this he has grown up listening to lessons every day and has now became smarter then most students his age. He eventually meets students that are being bullied and he decides to protect them. Sock has the strength to lift buses and break down walls because of his usually large size. Whenever he wants to be brave or hide away he would wear his mask, which would show other people how he is feeling at different times.

Name: Sock

Age: 16-19
Abilities: Strength

Colours: Yellow, Black

Lives: In school

Personality: Clumsy, Friendly, Smart, Shy, Funny

Here is the 3 designs I have came up with each showing different styles and body structures I could develop from him even further.

The first design shows him more human like, I wanted to see what he would look like as a human instead of being a creature but also have the personality.

The second design is a furry version with a tie. I wanted him to feel more sock related and friendly. I wanted him to have more sock related traits being big and friendly.

The third design is my character big alot larger and has wider shoulders, he also is wearing the mask design that I want him to wear. He wears a long scarf to show that he is warm.


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