Advanced 2d Animation Week 5

Storyboards for test

These are storyboard ideas for my work.

These pictures show ideas on the development work on how I want my work to look and the route it takes when exploring the kitchen. I want the light bulb to start of in the cupboard then roll onto the surface then find its way through rough environments to reach its goal. Which is to get to the light socket. Once it does this the light comes on and the room lights up. I want this animation to show a message that once you get through all the difficult challenges the’ll be light at the end of it all as long as you keep on pushing yourself.


For today I started to create more detailed drawings of my idea for my animation project. I then started to animate my work ideas on tv paint, to get a stronger idea on how long it will be and what ideas I could add to my work. After I had created the animation I found that I should maybe make the light bulb come alive more and react to different situations that it has to face.

Next I started to create the spotlight effect that I wanted on adobe after effects. I found this to be new to me so I taught myself how to track the animation and apply the lighting layers. First I had to create a new layer which then made the screen dark because I made it ambient. This then allowed me to add a new light layer which would replicate a spot light which I applied on top of the layer so I could see my work. From this I moved the camera of the spotlight to different positions on the timeline when clicking on the clock. This allowed me to track the movement of the ball for a smooth flowing track. I found that I could zoom in and out of my work with this effect. When the animation got to the end I made the light come on so all of the darkness vanished. This allowed me to experiment so that I know that I am able to develop my final piece without any faults and with a better knowledge on how I could use adobe after effects.

Next I am going to add audio to my work and focus more on one scene. I think I should experiment with shading my work aswell to see what that looks like. Also I am going to look at other effects and styles I could use before starting my final animation.


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