Innovative Animation Week 5

Here is our final video of our group work that me, Matt, Hania, Gin had created. The sound we used was different to the original film scene used a jazz background sound so we decided to find a new one that we also thought fit with the scene. We also looked at ways we could include more audio so I found clicking noises for when Peter Parker snaps his fingers as he is walking down the street.  I then found birds audio and a car sound for when the box and manic-on pass the scene. This allowed the atmosphere feel more like it was in the city such as the film but without having the obvious details showing that it is visually set there.

We also looked the artist Meghana Bisineer’s work. Her style is used on windows and other various objects. We see from the videos below her style shows a dark meaning to the work, she uses dark colours and tones on her work. She has used projecters, books and windows to create her work. After she has created an image she would draw another image next to her last one without getting rid of the last image. This technique allows for a quicker result in her work flow and allows her work to track so that we can see the previous images from the animation. I feel that this is a good way to show a sense of meaning of memory and it also creates a messy look to the work after which could be used again as an animation.

I like how her work has a strange effect, she has movement which may seem out of place such as a swimmer passing by on a window it gives the sense of a background more then what it is. When we look through the window we just find a normal scene of trees and buildings but when she applies paint to the work it allows there to be more there which would make people want to watch it more because it inst just a scenery. Her work has alot of tracking involved with the animation affects which we can still see the previous movement of the images. This allows for quicker time to animate and gives of a different style.

This allowed us to gain our own ideas and understanding of the style, so we split into different groups to try and reconstruct it in our own way. My group looked the city town centre of Wolverhampton, to turn into a short animation on how the movement changes in the centre. We decided to use the tracking animation style where you see the lines from after each animation shot, this meant that there was a messy effect which we thought worked well with the style. We started to roto scope each frame of part of the video that we liked the most. Which allowed us to capture the movement and will mean that we could project the work once we had completed it. We decided to use chalk and charcoal for the drawings. Our first idea was to use the chalk just for the movement of the public but we decided to include both for the movement so that it fit with the scene. As the scene moves on we thought of ideas on how we could make it seem usual and out of place. So we thought of ideas such as a swimmer passing by or a building collapsing down.

When we were creating this animation I found that is was very time consuming to retro scope the images that we were using. I think if we were to do it again we should focus more on the animation itself then the background of the work similar to how Meghana Bisineer displays her work. She focus’s more on the tracking of the movement than the background itself.

2:12- 2:22 seconds in the video. We had chose this location because we found that it wasn’t the most amazing places in England so we thought we could make the place more exciting, more unique by animating on top of the video. We did think on animating in Birmingham or London but we found that those places are already well known locations where as Wolverhampton isn’t as big or known. I think this was a successful idea and concept for our group project because the work should strong detail and depth with the images. We were able to reto-scope to a strong standard and it allowed us to track our work similar on how Meghana Bisineer tracks movement in her work.


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