Advanced 2d Animation Week 4

Firsty we looked at some more animations involving narrative, experimental and abstract. There was a video that I originally picked shown below. I like how they have used different forms of animation throughout the work, showing different styles and different approaches to animation as a whole.  I like how they generate different imagery throughout the piece which would reference different ideas relating to different meanings for example we see a plant growing from the start with a clock behind this could refer that time is speeding up. We don’t fully understand what is going on in the piece and that we are taken into a world of our own. The techniques that they have used is that the cut out foreground is projected in front of the screen. Then in the background we have found them use a green screen to separate the foreground from the background with a silhouette affect, green screening allows the silhouetting to work more smooth then any other methods because it allows them to alter the animation.

After re watching the animation I thought of ideas i could incorporate in my own idea from the video. I found that there were live action footage in the background of the animation, this made me think of having live action footage maybe for my Light-bulb storyboard idea or I thought on have the kitchen as silhouettes as the light bulb adventures thorough and climbs his way up. I was thinking on using adventurous music as he makes his way to the socket. I also thought of the idea of having the light bulb with a search light following it as it transforms and travels around the kitchen. This will allow me to incorporate the shadow effect on adobe after effects and I think this will add to the style of the silhouettes.

Storyboard final idea in more detail

My idea starts of as the light bulb inside a cupboard in a kitchen, and it rolls out of a small crack in the cupboard which ends up leaving the light-bulb to fall down towards the kitchen surface. While this happens the light-bulb transforms into a mould that gets squashed onto the surface instead of it smashing as a light-bulb. The mould then starts to bounce its way through obstacles in the kitchen, pushing itself past different objects that you may find in a kitchen. I want to use after-effects in my work to show a shadow and a spotlight that follows the light-bulb in its journey to reach its socket where it belongs. It travels over a oven and reaches a sink where it has to avoid touching any water. Once the mould gets to a fridge it has to climb its self up the fridge side then bounce its way into the socket. When it fits into place the light will come on in the room and the after-effects will fade away. I also feel that I should use elements of the 12 principle of animation in my work, I think that this second idea I would be able to show this more easier and allow me to demonstrate my understanding of software effects on my work. My background will be based on a kitchen and I was thinking that I could turn it into a silhouette of a kitchen so that it is more of an experimental animation.

I feel that this idea will be successful because it shows the ideas that I have generated and the different styles and software I want to use to create my final piece of work.

One of the main things I wanted to focus on and incorporate in my animation is the spotlight. So I researched how I could link it to a principle and I found that the staging principle allows a clear example of this and will allow me to use this throughout my animation. I want the spotlight to follow the ball throughout the short animation so that the audience can follow where the ball is going and where the ball is going to take them. It will also go with the light idea with the light going off and then shrinking into a small spotlight that will follow throughout the animation. So I found this video which helped me find out more about the staging principle.


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