Character Development Week 4

Character development we went onto looking at each other’s character designs and sketches for feedback. This allowed us to understand where other people got there ideas from and how they had formed there characters. Once we had looked at each other’s designs we were then asked to vote on our favourite character from the two so that we could further develop the character that people thought were better then our other design. We also looked at each others characters personality and there background on how they had became that person, this allowed the characters to have more of a story behind them allowing us to generate ideas behind the character designs. When people had created there character names some had related them to things to do with there character. I used Sock because my character is a warm friendly character who hides away alot such like a sock could. There were people using the art of silhouetting for a way to create there designs and a few used Photoshop to get a more visual look of the character in detail.

Once I had explained my character designs to the class they had picked my first character to be the one I develop more into, this was good because I also preferred that character out of the two. My first character design is Sock aged 19 who is at college. He has a huge looking structure and wears a mask to hide from other students because he is a creature but he dosnt know where he had came from, but now he tries to fit in with the real world to start a new life. He has lots of different masks to show how he is feeling from time to time. When he gets bullied he would often hide away in horror even though he is bold heavy person. I wanted this character to be clumsy and often walk into trouble, but always was friendly towards others. Sock would struggle to make friends because of his unusual size to others so he was misunderstood and searches to find new friends. For me to further develop this character I am going to look at different expressions he has, different poses, the clothing and the colours I am going to use for him.

After thinking on more onto my character Sock I thought about making it so that his mask was digital and that when he wants to express feelings the mask would digitally change to the expression he is feeling.

20151110_183934 20151110_185404 20151110_193340 20151110_193348 20151110_193409 20151110_19374820151110_19335620151110_193326

I feel that my character is starting to form, I know that I want him to be top heavy and have short legs. His arms need to be wide and bulky but still look cuddly and friendly. His body needs to look warm and vibrant. I have also created mask expression ideas when he wears his mask they show different faces on how my character is feeling. I have experimented by making his body more wider or shorter in different places. One of them I made his head larger but with his body shorter and another shows that I made him even more top heavy which made him look to intimating I think so I feel I need to make him look more round instead of being sharp and bulky.


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