Innovative Animation Week 4

Today we looked at our last weeks tasks, my group created the animation by using acrylic paint on perplex material. I found this technique very unique because not many animations have the use of paint. The background and foreground show a unique layout because of how the paint is presented  on the work.

Then we looked at the animator Osbert Parker who creates animations using materials that he can find and creating a set then animating the scene.

This short film is directed by Osbert Parker. It is created by using small visual objects and animating them with the stop motion technique. The film also flicks from reality and animation to create more of a realistic feel to the short film. They use toy cars to represent an actual car chase and use small box’s and materials to replicate buildings for the scenery.

After looking at Osbert Parker’s work we then got given a new task of creating another animation using a similar style of Osbert Parker’s work. So we began looking at ideas from films to try and re create a scene, which we eventually ended up on deciding to use the scene on spider man 3 where we see Peter Parker walking down the street.

We thought this was a good scene to do because it had a strong character making alot of movement down the street and the setting is in new york which allowed us to have a similar look to Your truly’s setting. In the scene we find Peter Parker walk down the street in a cheerful mood, dancing as he passes past women. We also find the street being busy with taxi’s passing by and people walking past.

This video is a stop motion animation but using a different style from Osbert Parker. In this we find a character in a real life setting adventuring through a room.

I feel from this animation I could use elements of it in future animations because I like the idea of a character coming to life and walking around a room making his own journey. I like how the animation prints itself from a computer then walks around on its own free will. The technique that they have used is by taking stop motion photos after every movement of the stick man. I feel that this works well because we find the animation making its own story from such a simple design and idea.


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