Advanced 2d Animation Week 3

Planning idea for my 30 second video

For inspiration for my animation I looked at more videos online that I could develop ideas from.

This animation is a experimental animation and it shows a simple design of squares splitting into more squares then they start to move around and follow through from each other. I personally don’t find this very exciting, I feel that it needs more to show more of a meaning, I would generate more shapes and objects to try and capture more ideas on what is happening in the animation. They have created this using multiple shapes resizing them to create an illusion showing mixed messages to the work. This technique allows us to capture our own ideas and understanding on what we think is going on in the animation. It consists of 12 frames of a hand-drawn cube drawings then they used Adobe After Effects to add effects onto the final look. The background is made up of 100 pages of a dictionary cycling in transparency. I think by watching it that it is made out of chalk hand drawn on a chalk board.

This animation shows the use of pencil without any computer generated work. It shows a fluent use of drawn animation, shows a deep message and is full of emotion. I find the animation very informative of a meaning of their connection together. I think the way it shows movement is very strong because it generates ideas on how fragile love is and how deep things can get in a romance. The sound fits well with the animation as well because it flows well with the meaning and visual looks to the work. It was created by pencil work without any computer graphics, it shows there relationship together and how one and another means so much to each other and that they are chasing each other. Then when it ends we find that there connections fade away.

After watching this video I wanted to base my main ideas from this animation because I like how the animation flows and tells a story in a fragile swift manor. It is a animation that I personally find has alot of emotion behind it.

Then I found this Narrative animation of a love story

I liked this animation because it expresses feelings in the characters in the animation well allowing the audience to relate on how they are feeling in the sequence of the video.

For the 30 second advanced 2d animation I started to create storyboards for two of my ideas. I found inspiration by looking at other peoples work and trying to form my own style from it. The first storyboard I created I base my idea around love, which is about a character who tries his best to show how much he is there for someone but it turns out that she isn’t really there at the end and that it was his mind playing tricks on him. I thought this would be a strong idea because It has a strong sense of feeling to it which I feel i could relate to the audience when they watch it.

The second storyboard I created was more a experimental animation which starts out as an object such as a light bulb that transforms into a creature that starts moving around looking to find its socket it so that it can screw itself back into place to be used again. While on its journey there are shapes and other weird objects getting in its way trying to obstruct its adventure,

20151105_144136 20151105_144146 20151105_151442

My first storyboard shows how I have generated the idea of this person coming across a young girl who he then looks after which leads them to falling in love with each other. Then after taking her everywhere to different places he finds that she is actually just a cactus and isn’t really there. He realises this because he wasn’t wearing his glasses until he put them on he then discovered she is just a object.

From my first idea I began creating drawings from my storyboard trying to replicate my thoughts. I found that it had a obvious meaning to it and which made me think that the second animation idea would be more unique and would allow me to experiment easier with adobe after-effects.

Below are some images that I have created to try and create my first idea of the love story.

My second idea was all about a light bulb making away its journey across a kitchen, bouncing and shape shifting its way through obstacles to reach its plug socket so that the light would come on I thought this was a good idea because it shows an adventure with an object we wouldn’t normally consider to be able to move on its own accord. From the images in the short storyboard I had created for my work it shows a rough idea on the direction I want the animation to travel to reach its destination.


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