Innovative Animation Week 3

After learning from last week’s mistakes we created our second attempt, which we fixed the problems we encountered with the first one we had done. We had problems with the walking animation, and the lighting affecting the quality. We also decided to add more to the scene so that people had a better understanding. We used the inspiration that we had researched of other animations and the game limbo. I think our second attempt was much more successful because it was much more focused and allowed us to fix our old problems.


Here is the final video for the silhouette animation

Today we booked at group projects of the silhouette animations we all had created. When we looked at the other groups work we found them them using a different form of styles and techniques one group drew on the black card to  create. By using more detail with the silhouettes while others didn’t use backgrounds. I think my groups work was successful because we used background, sound and we looked at styles before we started to create our prices. After looking at everyone silhouettes work we looked a new form of media which was paint animation. This form was used by Yuri Norstein. Yuri Norstein is a Russian animator who had worked on animating and directing films.

We looked at the fox and the rabbit by Yuri Norstein

This style of work shows a story based theme, I like how they have created the characters and show there personality, we find them being the opposite of what you might think. A bear, wolf and bull being scared of a fox. But them wanting to help a rabbit get his home back from the fox. Then we find a rooster who we thought would defiantly not be able to help, but then its turns out that he was able to scare the fox away. This adds to the story, making you not know what is going to happen, making you feel that you shouldn’t judge someone or something no matter of how big or small they are.

1969 Season

I think this version a slow and dull, I find the movement not very exciting but maybe that’s how they wanted to portray the work. To show more emotion and depth. I like the use how you are able to look more into depth of the work and see the contrast from the foreground and background.

Hedgehog in the fog

I like hedgehog in the fog the most because I think it looks more attractive then the others and has more of a illusion to the work. It captures my attention more, the style is much more narrative and attractive I find.

His work consists of layers of paint to create an illusion with his work applying to the foreground and background. We then went into our groups to try and recreate this method using transparent plastic and painting onto them so that we could move the sheets of plastic around to create movement when animating the work. My group started to create the background first developing ideas on how we could animate it and where the setting would take place, what characters were going to be used. Our first character ideas were a fox, cat and birds. We looked at templates of the characters before we had created them, so that we had a better understanding on how they might look. We wanted the cat to wear a top hat to add to his personality.

Here are images of our progress of our work, we developed different poses for the bird, and decided to create props which will go well with the scene. The image of the background is an early look on what it looked like before, as a group we thought that we should add more to the background so we added more trees as a boarder, which went well because It made sense on where the cat and the bird had came from before entering the scene. I think if we were to do it again we would change the location, make the house more in the foreground and focus more on how the characters look. I think we did well with style of the work, I think we managed to capture a similar look to Yuri Norstein’s work by using browns, greys, and some bright colours. But I feel that we should of made the characters larger then they were.


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