Advanced 2D Animation Week 2

This session we looked into ways on using adobe after affects to help us gain a better understanding on how thing’s work. This will help us gain better knowledge of software we have available to create our final idea for a 30 second minimum professional 2d animation.

We learnt that the composition setting needed to have a preset of HDTV 1080 25

We needed 32 bits for transparency because 24 bits wont show transparency.

Then we looked at the light setting’s to create shadow which would gain effect for the work. The shadow position could be changed allowing us to have a more realistic effect. I would like to include this effect into my own experimental piece for the project that I have, I feel it will work well with the ideas that I have for it.

This is a short example of my work working with after affects to create a small animation with the shadow effect. This is the effect that Id like to add to my short animation project.

After watching the animation I realised that next time I could make the shadow less attached to the object next time, so it has more of a shadow illusion to it. I do feel that it went successful though because I learnt how to apply shadow to a moving object, this has allowed me to gather ideas on how I could use similar effects on my final piece animation.

Camera settings

One node allows you to zoom in and zoom out, follow along the footage but dosnt have any perspective where as two nodes allow you to zoom in and out, follow along and has perspective of three dimensional objects.

Video output H264

My first idea would be to create the 2d animation to be a object that moulds/transforms into different things but it has a meaning behind it then ends by transforming back to its original shape.

This video will help me create a search light or spot light to my work which will allow me to follow an animation if in a dark room or something. This will help me create my animation piece if I needed to follow through or track apart of the animation allowing the audience to be able to know what part of the animation they need to be following.


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