Character Development Week 2


This week we looked at the classes top 3 favourite characters. Mine were Emily from the Corpse bride, Ares the god of war and Cinderella. After gaining feedback I learnt that we needed to focus more on the character personality more then anything else. Emily factors were that she was a dumb, friendly, helpless, gentle, dead, pretty bride seeking love. With these words it allows us to image how the character looks without seeing an image of her. This method gave us the skills to develop an understanding on how we could create our characters by using words to describe there personality before designing them. Next character was Ares who dosnt really have much personality which I found out wasn’t the best of concepts to work from. He is a bold, strong, killer, hunter, angry knight. Which I don’t think is a good frame to work from so I began to look at other characters. So after looking at Ares I started to think of a character who had similar characteristics but had more of a personality. Which I then resulted on finding Ralph from the film wreck it Ralph. I think this was a strong character to pick because in the story we find the character wanting to be a good person not a bad person, this shows a contrast of the characters personality changing. When we look at the character we would see him being a bad person because of how he is seen as being strong, bold and angry but he is also curious, sad, annoyed, jealous, nice and friendly as the story of the film ventures on. He is seen as a bad person in the game but he dosnt want to be bad because no one likes him, so he decides to try and show others that he isn’t really that evil and that he is actually a friendly nice person. We also see a similar thing happen to other characters in other films such as: Shrek, Sully, Grinch and the beast from beauty and the beast. All are strong characters who look evil but turn out to be friendly warm hearted characters. Which has lead to their successes because they have more of a story to tell then a character just being a stereotype.

So my new character is now:

Ralph (Wreck it Ralph)

303-wreck-it_ralph_concept_art_jin_kim Wreckitralphdisney.png

Strong, Gentle, Warm, Broad, Kind, Angry, Jealous, Adventurous, Curious, Denial, Alone.

Cinderella was my third character and I learnt that she was one of the best characters I had picked because she has been really successful because of the type of person she is, pretty, caring, gentle, hard-working, dosnt give up, strong hearted, helpless, loving. This was a strong character concept because she is the type of person who dosnt give up and we see her change from being pushed around all the time to be someone who gets treated as a princess, this contrast shows the flexibility of the character on how she has changed.

Character description

My 1st character that I want to create I want them to be a strong loyal warm hearted character, who is judged for how they look, but it turns out that they are really nice and just wants to be like everyone else, so they end up trying to dress and look like them. This character I want it to be a male similar how I wrote about Raplhs Characteristics. But more of a monster that has been brought up into a different world. Such as earth. This character would have more limbs and tries to act like others to fit in so that they avoid other people laughing at them. But when they laugh the character would get angry but wouldn’t harm anyone. He has a strong sense of humour and makes those who like him laugh.

Maybe a monster or maybe dead like the Emily from the corpse bride

Warm, Friendly, Monster, Beast, Strong, Jealous, Misunderstood, Lost, Mistreated, Angry, Sad, Friendly, Gentle, Funny

My 2nd character I wanted to create was a young girl who is seeking happiness but is in a struggle and has to get though rough situations. She is seen to be poor, weak, clever and talented but wants to find happiness and be adventurous. But is always in self doubt and gets depressed.

Lost, Misunderstood, Adventurous, Talented, Emotional, Warm, Smart, Poor, Crooked, Creative, Actress

I think these character could link to be a monster/undead boy and a girl who end up meeting from having being bullied. They share their stories and end up being best friends, the monster/undead boy then decides to help her because she is all that he has so he ends up getting her the career she has always wanted as an actress, but after doing this he ends up being hurt. The monster tries to hide away from humans and the girl is there for him and feeds him food.


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