Innovative Animation Week 2

Today we looked at our short animation we all had created the previous week. Using paint on a wall experimenting with a different form of animation.

By looking at all of the work we can see how it can all link together even though we all did separate ideas and formed separate work within our groups. This allowed us to think more about how we could present it differently next time if we did it again. I think if we did it again I would of maybe used more of the wall and made it so that the work flowed in a different direction instead of it being in the same place.

Next we looked our other work task which we also did in groups, where my group created earth rotating and being hit by a meteor. After having the feedback and looking at other groups work, I think we could of the animation a little bit longer and made it using more of a range of media, such as using paper or other objects that could merge into an animation.

Then we looked at the artist Lotte Reinger who was a German film director, making short animated silhouette films. Her technique was new and different unique to how animation is today. Technology is more advanced now so alot of animation is created on computers for companies in modern times. Lotte Reinger created animation in the 1920’s but wasnt as well known as other animators in her time. Her style was different because she used silhouettes by making them move slowly in different settings showing a story. Below we can see this in the short film the adventures of prince Achmed.

Lotte Reinger had a self divised style, such a technique which involves a lot of work even in modern day technology. It is an animation where you need to take control of the animation. I like how well the animation work because it is really bold and stands out but I feel that it is limited to just being 2d with the style that she has used. Next film is Cinderella which had took 3 years to create with a team of 5 people, this is one of the longest films she had created and I think it explores her techniques to the best standard because it shows a constant flow of animation and the quality is consistent through out.

I like how they have created the setting more then anything, because it is key for the story for the audience to follow up on where the animation is taking place and what is happening in each scene, it shows the characteristics and helps us get a better understanding of the characters. After seeing her style of work we had to create a small animation of our own using the same technique as Lotte Reinger. We were given a script about a wolf and a boy called peter, so we created our own scene which we thought would link well with the script.


Here are some examples of our progress with the work, we had cut out small silhouettes of our script characters and started to design the environment setting for the scene aswell. While creating the scene I looked at Lotte Reingers work again and noticed how she opens up a scene or closes a scene, which was using small ridged shapes that closed into or out of the setting. This effect allowed us to make the audience follow the screen to where we wanted them to focus. We then started to create the scenes on tv paint by taking step by step camera shots of the scene, while we were doing this we noticed a problem with the camera which was creating lines across the scenes, I thought this could give texture to the background for the grass on the hills. But we were unsure weather to keep them or not for our film. Here is the short film so far.

I then looked at more inspiration by looking at other peoples style of work.

Which gave us more ideas on how we could animate our short film, and how we could do the setting. I liked how in this animation is showed the young boy walking around in the house. They did this by simply hiding the boy silhouette in the window and moving the head image by image to make it look like he was walking around.

We also see the silhouette effect in the game limbo which shows a young boy on an adventure walking through dangerous lands and finding creatures on his way.

I feel this is also a good inspiration form because it shows a similar effect to how silhouette animation. It also uses a range of sound which we could look at for different item ideas. Each creek and crack can link to different objects within the game. The background is faded grey to show the distance to the story, because if the background were as dark as the silhouette it would be hard to see the quality of the work.


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