Week 1 Advanced 2D Animation:


In our first week of Advanced 2d animation we were looking at how to produce our final animation by making it as provisional as we could. Also we have to demonstrate a development through our blogs other the weeks for the module.

Create effective storyboards: storyboards that engage to the audience

Produce exposure sheets

Create reference footage

Explore appropriate 2d techniques- Use styles that I wouldn’t normaly use

Demonstrate an understanding of work flow for 2d

Research and critical evaluate other 2d animations

Develop technical skills- Develop my skills and show my work building up

Create a line text

Explore digital processes for colouring

Incorporates foreground and background

Incorporates camera movement

Use sound effectively- Record or use other sounds and know where to use them

Narrative/non narrative

We then looked at narrative and non narrative. A narrative shows the structure of the animation meaning it has a story, a start, middle and an ending. Which means the audience has a better understanding on what’s going on in the animation. It has dynamics of dialogue and use of characters which have been designed. Then we looked at Non narrative which has a more abstract dialogue effect to the work meaning its more something that has no story behind it, no build up. This technique allows us to engage with the animation a little bit more I believe because we have no real understanding what is happing until we watch more. Its more a mystery and captures our attention more then something that we understand from the beginning.


Effective storyboarding allows us to create a clear idea on what the story is going to build up and end up like. This allows us to have a better workflow. Which we can develop more and edit as we create the animation. An effective storyboard will be able to engage with the audience better because it makes them want to keep watching and ask questions on what the full image is all about. Basically what’s really the happening and what’s the message behind the sequence.


Abstract animation is an animation that just uses sounds, shapes and colours. Making a non realistic piece which can be symbolic meaning that you can view the animation in your own way and create your own ideas on what its meaning is all about. Normally the music is the main element of abstract animation, it think this is because sound is more important than imagery. Which allows us to generate our own ideas on why they have used certain sounds in the piece. Experimental is when the animation has new techniques not traditional styles. More a change of media but it still has more of a guide line then an abstraction animation.

This video is called the pub by Joseph Pierce

It is a rotoscope animation which explore experimental use. The mixture of media on top of the film adds the the effect giving of different meaning. By watching this piece I see it has the bar women seeing people in her way on a daily basis. How she see’s people everyday, the old men as old trees that have overgrown. The Drunk people having stereotype imagery on them. Then we see the ex gangster who is symbolised as a guerilla which could indicate that he is dangerous.

This next video is a abstract piece called Kou Kou by Takashi Ohashi

This animation shows how abstract animation works, Its a bold loud colourful piece which has no characters or story behind it but allows you to generate your own idea flow.

This video is a narrative animation that I found, it shows a structure in the animation showing a characters the house on its journey meeting new houses and then falling in love but then continuing his adventure to meet new friends. I thought this would be a good example because of it having a good sense of build up. I feel that elements of this animation I could add in my final piece because I like the way that there is a journey for something that we wouldn’t normally relate to being able to move. We find a making its way on its own adventure exploring and meeting new people as it travels. But he encounters new day to day problems where he has to over come and continue. I feel that my final piece should have the sense of an object trying to reach its goal even though it has obstacles pushing him back it will overcome them and be able to reach its destination.

I then found this abstract animation which is much more modern then the other abstract animation I wrote about. I much prefer the style of this abstract animation because I found it much more clear for me to generate ideas from this one.

Then finally I found this experimental animation which shows what experimental animation is all about, it shows the use of media that has been experimented with to a wide scale but also has a character in showing her progress in her world.

I then found another experimental animation which shows a journey of different shapes forming together and creating day to day objects. I believe this is an experimental animation because we can identify objects and form our own meanings better with the work, other then a abstract animation which seem has not much identity but more just shapes and colours merging with sound. Experimental is that It has some sort of story or progress which has no build up or ending to it.


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