Innovative Animation: Week 1

For this we looked at the artist Blu who creates visual animated work on wall’s around buildings or in building’s.

I don’t like his work because I find it really dark and strange, but I like how he is able to capture movement and a visual meaning by using paint on wall’s creating constant flow of animation. His work has visual meaning’s to them which represent different emotions and ideas from how he see’s the world in his eyes. We also looked at his sketchbook work which showed us more of his style of work.

blublue 2

These sketch’s show visual representations of his world. I think he is showing how he has felt in certain times in his lifetime, with each having a negative emotional feeling that he has had and then sketched out and illustrated it with using his thoughts.

Our group: Adam, Ishmael, Daniel

We then looked at the module more in depth and started to create our own short animation using paint on a wall. We decided to start with circle’s which then formed into eye’s which left one eye transforming into a monster which consumes the other circle. Which left the animation in a state where it could repeat itself. We did this by drawing frame by frame illustrations and taking a clear photo with the camera with every image we create.

Our next task was to create a short video 2-10 seconds long using a different media creating a short animated film. Our idea is a line that transforms into a circle which then rotates into earth, witch then get’s hit by a meteorite which change’s the form of the shape to a hand swearing at the meteor because it didn’t destroy earth. This task allowed us to explore a new form of animation which was using chalk. We also added music which is in a range of films involving space, which went well with our short creation.

I think this was successful because it allowed us to use different media with animation, it allowed us to generate more ideas aswell by looking at the artist Blu.

Here was our first attempt of the earth rotating, we didn’t think it was working aswell because we found it jumpy and less smooth. Which we fixed by doing the second piece. Here are some drawing’s we did of our first attempt with the earth rotation.


I watched the song “Hey, Soul Sister” by train which they have used animation throughout the song exploring the visual effect with writing flowing across walls similar to how we have looked at the animation being used on walls by other artists such as Blu but he use’s illustrations that show how he is thinking rather then text or arrows. It show’s more ideas on how I could incorporate it into my own work maybe experimenting with different styles.


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