Character Development: Week 1

Character development

Week 1 we looked at the module for character development.

Our first task we were given a picture showing a image of a bear and a young women who was looking upset about something. We had to create a character using the image using what we could see, from the atmosphere and elements in the image. This allowed us to develop an idea of how to generate thought for creating a character. Image below:


Sitting on the bed with the bear’s hand on her shoulder. So we went into small groups of 2. I worked with Emily. We created 3 concept ideas for the image.

  1. For our first idea we thought of the girl/women being a hunter sort of women, who did hunt down bear’s when she was younger but she has started to grow up wishing that she didn’t because she now has a bear haunting her for the rest of her life making her depressive and think on how many innocent bear’s she has killed for just there fir.
  2. For the second idea we thought of using the women being trapped on a ship that has been abandoned for an unknown reason. So she was left on this ship which was full of animals which had escaped their crates and now walking free around the ship. Then she met the bear which decided to help her and protect her from the other animal’s on the boat.
  3. For our third idea we thought of the bear being involved in a city scene. He was a journalist who would often visit the local human zoo and take pictures of them and report there behaviour. His name was Snappy the bear and had a camera that he always carried around with him. His mother named him Snappy because of his love of taking photos but one day years ago his mother got hunted by humans. Which lead to Snappy disliking all humans. Then one day he met a human a young women in the human zoo, she was also once a journalist like Snappy. They both shared the love for taking photos. Snappy saw this and realized that not all humans are bad, so he then tries to rescue the humans from the cruelty on which the bears were doing to them.
  • Name and age: Snap 24
  • Nickname: Snappy given by his mother who was once killed by a human hunter.
  • Most noticeable thing about the character: Camera, Scarf, Coat, Blue colours
  • Voice: Shy Quiet
  • Live’s: in a small little flat and sleeps on a small single bed alone. Enclosed with no room to move in, no colour and no life. Until he meets the young women who brightens his mood and makes Snap’s world colourful.
  • Dreams of humans hunting him and taking his mother away.
  • Who loves him: The young journalist women who is trapped in the zoo.
  • What’s he do: He is a journalist and reports on how humans behave
  • Fears other bears bringing him down and killing all of the humans
  • Passion: to rescue humans and change the world
  • Treasured possession: Camera
  • Biggest mistake: Got humans trapped in a cave once who he thinks had been killed. Then he thought it was the right thing to do but now he looks back on it, now he knows more about humans.
  • Best thing: He is now trying to fix the world to make it equal for all species.

After this we discussed to the class everyone’s ideas within the work, presenting our ideas and thoughts from the image.


3 Favourite characters of all time

Emily (Corpse Bride)

I love Emily of the corpse bride because I love how they have created a character who is dead but still have some sort of life in her still, they have made it believable and made her look dead but also keep that heart she still has. Emily dosnt like the fact that she is dead and wishes she were still alive because her life was taken away from her. She never had chance to love because she died a young bride, in the video below it shows her dwelling on how she is dead and jealous that Victoria is alive and that Victor might prefer her over a corpse bride.

Emily Corpses Bride

I like Emily from the corpse bride because she is a character who is dead but is still able to walk among the living. She is in love with the main character Victor, who tries to understand Emily more. With what happened to her and what’s wrong with her. She is a kind hearted bride her got murdered because her ex husband wanted to rob her money of her. I like Emily as a character because she is the contrast of death, she is warm and kind but might look dark and usual to others.


Ares (God of war)


My second character is Ares of the game Smite. I like this character because he is based of the God of war Ares. I feel they have captured the visual representation on what Ares should look like and have shown how bold and sinister he is as a god. They have developed this character by using the Greek mythology ancient depictions and re developed him as how we would see a god of war in modern day. Which is why they created him to have knight armour and a sword with shield to represent war.



I think Cinderella is a good character because most people know who she is and what her story is all about, how her character transforms from being a poor working maid who ends up marrying a prince. I think it is a good character to choose from because it shows a contrast on how she is poor and rich. She has to struggle through daily jobs with her sisters pushing her to more and more work while she slaves away at there word. This shows her strength of the character how she is able to keep going even if there maybe no hope. The clothes she wears indicates what she does for example when we first see her we see her poor and in dirty maid robes which shows she is like a slave. But then when we see her further on we find her in a nice blue dress which indicates her importance and wealth.


My third Character is Cinderella. I think this is a good character to choose because there have been alot of stories relating Cinderella where people have depicted her being different and having different background’s. Some show a dark princess and some show a bright kind princess. It has shown the character from its origin has changed and adapted to different fantasy’s from how other people see her. They have created Cinderella to be a innocent young women which how we would see a princess from a fictional story. The use of blue indicates that she is a gentle caring person, where as if she was wearing red that normally indicates danger.


Inspiration methods

We also looked at ways for inspiration, looking at people on transportation, reading books or listening to music. We listened to the song the kinks to gain our own unique ideas of the character development by listening to the lyrics and how they were sung.

When I listened to it I imagined a old western cowboy walking down a street thinking he was better then everyone else. Maybe a sheriff who is well respected by everyone in the town who they look up to. This allowed us to come up with images in our heads making us think of how the song can portray a character.

Another method we looked at was from a photographer in new york. He takes pictures of people in new york and writes a little paragraph about that person. This was a great idea for character ideas because we could find a picture of someone who we think might look dangerous but it turns out that they have an amazing personality and that they are friendly.


20151020_131018 20151020_131038 20151020_131055 20151020_130955

Here are a few sketch ideas I created, I was looking at ways I could create items for the character snappy and expressions with his eyes and eyebrows. I also did some anatomy sketch’s for the women character to gain a better drawing strength. For Snaps items I included a camera, note pad, pen, and a scarf. I used these items because I thought it would go well with the concept of the character personality showing of evidence of his career just by looking at the character alone.


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