Week 12 Practical arts of editing and post production Submission

Curtis Wortley 1415500

Final Pieces

Fairly Legal: 

With my fairly legal I feel that it was my strongest edit because I felt that I managed to cut most of the mistakes out and allow there to be a better flow in the footage. I start the scene set as a wide shot because I want the audience to know where they are and what is happening. We then start to get closer to the women and the man talking. With this I used the 180 degree rule, keeping the camera on one side so that it dosnt break the illusion for the audience who are watching it, if it was broken then it will confuse the audience because they will think that they have moved to quickly and wouldn’t know where they are watching it from in the room. I did close up shots of their faces when reacting to response’s this allows the audience to try and figure out what sort of person they are and gives a greater interest to want to know more. I did a mixture of split edits so that you could see the reactions even know the other person was talking. I then made the audio flow more so that the sound didn’t increase or go to quiet. There were a few cuts I did from the start and at the end. From the start the man is already talking about something else and we don’t know what he is on about, which was a part we didn’t need. Then next at the end there was a camera man shadow on the door so I changed the angle so that the viewers couldn’t see the mistake. When the scene starts of the man drops documents onto the table for the women and then picks them up, I needed to make it so that when I changed the angle the documents fell at the same time to the next angle and that the audio was synced with the documents landing on the table. Which I also did with when the women picks the documents up and when the man sits down onto his chair.

Delicious Piece: 

Delicious piece started of with having a mixture of video footage and audio that I had to use to create a shortened down video by editing the materials that I was given. This meant that I could choose where I wanted to different cuts to be so that I could give it a structure and keep the audiences attention. So I started of by separating the media and moving them about so that I could find a interesting visual look to my work. I then began to try and structure the documentary, so that we knew what was going on in the footage. I did cuts on the audio and footage because there were quality faults and audio errors. So I turned some of it into split edits to cover up the mistakes. Allowing me to have a greater control with how long the piece needs to be. I made it so that there was music at the start middle and end so that it keeps the audience interested. Allowing contrast with the documentary. For example in the middle there is someone talking then I split cut and fade into drums being played this will keep the viewers awake and want to know what else is happening. The slit cuts when someone is talking and it shows something else at the same time allows the viewers to think about both things and allows there to be a shorter film. I also added some symbolism in my footage, when the women is talking she mentions the word greetings which we then see footage of people shaking hands, the next one was when she says the word together and split cut to a classroom of kids sitting together. Then finally there is a part where the narrator says that we often don’t think about the farmers who provide us with the products and it cuts to the farmers at work with music of farmers and their kids singing together.

Creative Piece: 

With my creative piece, I wanted to start it last from all my other edits because I wanted to understand editing more before I did a project where I had to gather my own audio and footage for my work. I went onto archive.org (https://archive.org/details/movies) which is a website that allows you to download video and audio from a range of categories. After browsing through some footage I decided I wanted to do my creative piece around horror but I wanted to give a advert the theme. Which lead me to try and merge an advert and a horror film. Night of the living dead (https://archive.org/details/night_of_the_living_dead) was the film I wanted to use because I found a scene near the start of the film which I thought would be a good spot to merge my footage together. The advert I used was about a product called fresh which is a deodorant for women. (https://archive.org/details/1962CommercialForFreshDeodorant) I thought that the advert had a creepy side to it which will go well with my theme of horror. The audio I used was from both of those videos and another video which has no footage being used in my creative piece, this video had useful music in that I thought would work for my creative piece.


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