Week 12 Sound and image Submission:

Final Pieces

Cecil the cat burglar sound project: 

Here is my last edit for my Cecil the cat project for adding sounds to a given animation. The animation was created by Jamie Cartright. I started of by watching the original version with all the sounds already on the animation, so I gathered ideas of where I could replace and add new sounds to the piece. I then went onto soundgator which is a website that allows you to download free audio. I found sounds that I thought suited the animation better and added them onto the timeline on adobe audition. I then experiemented with the audio then went on to fitting the sound into where I thought worked. Also I had collected audio myself from around the University, such as the laser sound that I have used which is the sound from a coffee machine. I wanted to incorporate some of my own sounds aswell as sounds that I could find of the internet. I learnt by doing this it allowed me to be more free with the audio, allowing me to learn how other sounds can fit with other objects.

Animation project:

This is my last edit for the animation project, creating an animation to a given sound track. I decided to chose track one because I managed to picture a clear image of a medieval like village, in this village there was a blacksmith a church and children playing which I drew up and shown in the progression to get to my final animation. For my last edit I did on TV paint I added more non narrative parts to my animation and I wanted to add more of a response to the sound track. Overall with my animation I feel that ive gained a stronger knowledge on how to experiment more with my work and that I can generate ideas from listening to sounds. I feel that if I was to do it again I would try and change the theme completely but have little refrences to the sound and see how that would have an effect on the viewers watching it. Id also change the angle more often other than it being zoomed out so much.

More progression is written in my blog from over the weeks.


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