Week 11 Post production:

Editing Techniques

Contrast- Is when you cut between scenes which have contrast from each other, one scene could be really calm and relaxing then the other scene could show someone being killed like in the film the godfather.

Parallelism- Is the technique where you merge two scenes that happen simultaneously but in a different location to each other. The way it connects if that in one scene there is something happening then we switch to the other scene which references what has just happened in the last scene but now we are in a new location. We see this happen in the film Jurassic park the lost world. Where we find a women screaming on a island then the scene switches to us showing a man standing next to a sign that has a picture of an island. With the scream merging with the train that is passing by because the man is in a train station catching a train. The scenes merge together from one scene being on an island and the other being in a train station.

Symbolism- Is when you move from the main scene onto a different scene that has a symbolic connection to the audience that they can relate to. It is when the story explains itself with its edits.

Simultaneity- This is when you cut between two scenes that happening at the same time this builds up suspense for the audience. Allowing the atmosphere for the film to build up.

Leit Motiff- This is where we hear a theme from something making us know what is going to happen. For example in Star wars we hear the Imperials march theme leading us to know that Darth Vader is approaching. It references Darth Vader so that the audience know what is happening. We also see it in the film jaws when we hear the shark noise we know that jaws is coming to attack someone.

Concept of elliptical editing

To condense time and prevent the audience from seeing something unimportant. It holds information to make people think about what they are watching. This allows the audience to figure out for them self’s by looking for clues but not fully knowing all the details.

Delicious Piece

This is my second edit for my delicious piece. I learnt from my feedback that in some footage that i have used the quality was great and also I learnt that the audio wasn’t fluent through the video.

This is my updated version of my delicious piece, using the feedback I’ve had ive made it smaller and picked better shots. Also ive added more audio and made it so that we know what is happening better. There are a few effects I’ve added into it aswell.

Fairly Legal

I also had feedback on my fairly legal piece, I learnt that some of the sound was out of place for when they were speaking. Also there were movement and angle mistakes. From this I then updated my work as seen from the video below.

Creative Piece

My creative piece is a merge between a horror and an advert. I thought this would work nicely because I wanted to make it so that the product was scary and that the women from the ‘night of the living dead’ was running away from the product fresh instead of the zombie chasing her. There are parts where looks out of the window and she can see the product being advertise to her and then when she goes onto the phone for help the fresh women responds to her. This changed the story into a scary product advertisement instead of them being a separate horror film and a separate calm advertisement.


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