Week 11 Art and design in context:

Banned eleven 

Are eleven banned animations from Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons that were taken down because of them involving racism. It was considered that they were that bad that no amount of edit could fix the episodes from their racist themes.

Banned Betty Boop Episodes 

In this episode of Betty Boop there are racist remarks used.

In the next episode shows the use of laughing gas spreading around into the city. We see it being consumed by lots of people. This can be seen as a influence to encourage people that laughing gas is fine to have but it isn’t and only should be used for a relief in hospitals.

Johnny Hardstaff

Johnny Hardstaff is a animator who was employed by sony to create two short animations of the history and future of gaming. He did this by showing a timeline of how gaming has came about and showing the development leading up for the sony’s playstation console. It was an advertisement concept idea making gamer’s think on how the gaming world has changed over the years. Which will influence them to possibly buy the console.

History of gaming

Future of gaming


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