Week 11 Sound and image:

Today we looked at:

Orthodox animation

Experimental animation



Continuity specific

Non continuity

Narrative form

Interpretive form

Evolution of content

Evolution of materiality

Unity of style

Multiple styles

Absence of artist

Presence of the artist

Dynamics of dialogue

Dynamics of musicality

Cartoonist time forgot

Ub Iwerks was the co creator for mickey mouse and Oswald the lucky rabbit he also worked with Walt Disney helping create animations such as steamboat Willie. He eventually set up his own studios which wasn’t has successful as Disney Studios. In his studios he created flip the frog. I think he is a cartoonist that didn’t have as much credit for his work than what he did have.

Carl Stalling was an american composer creating musical pieces for the Looney tones and Merrie Melodies produced by Warner bros. Carl Stalling was a talented music composer who could create pieces in time with animation. Unfortunately people have started to forget his work because of time going forwards.

Here we see an animation ‘The Skeleton dance’ where both Ub Iwerks and Carl Stalling were involved. Ub Iwerks produced the animation and Carl Stalling created the music.

Animation project

This is my animation so far, I found out from feedback that i need to create something in the middle of the animation and that there should be more going on in the animation like at the end. Also I found that maybe it shouldn’t be a narrative animation and that i should just create an animation linking with the sounds.


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