Week 10: Sound and Image

Our  first task was to write up a summary of our animation progression so far. I wrote that my animation is set in a medival village, starting off with a blacksmith working away on an anvil. I made it so that he is banging onto the anvil with a hammer because on the track there is a banging sound which is how i imagined on what is happening. Next i changed the camera angle on the animation, giving a behind head view on what the blacksmith is doing. This allows the audience to gain a greater knowledge on what is going on in the scene. Then the scene started to scroll across the village showing children and birds passing by. Finally it scrolls to the church where we hear the church bell going off, with this we then zoom out which shows an over look of the whole village.

After we looked at Norman Mclarens animation ‘Cannon’

It shows his style of work and the sound that he uses. The sound in this is very computer generated music, making the image movement clunky as if it was in a computer. There is a series of patterns where the animation repeats itself but in different times.


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