Week 10: Post production

Firstly in this session we looked at the types of edits that are used.

Types of edits

Straight cut: Is a common cut which is used to make a simple cut to the next scene.

Contrast cut: This cut is used when you could be in a nice calm relaxing scene then suddenly you want to jump into a loud dramatic scene. You would use a contrast cut because the scenes are the opposite of each other but you want them to link together.

Match cut Is used when you join two parts from your footage together, but only with similar shots. This allows you to change the angle of the shot and hide that fact that the camera has cut to a new place. With the shots being so similar it would be difficult to notice such a sudden change.

L/J Edits: This edits allow you to cut out parts of footage but keep the audio playing so that you could have other footage playing instead. This allows you to have a different approach to making your film flow better. It also makes the viewers think more because they were just thinking about the last thing they saw then you switch to another footage suddenly.

Parallel cuts: This is a edit that is used when you’d try trick the audience into thinking that something is further away then it actually is. For example when someone is shooting someone in a scene you only see them with close shots behind cover shooting at someone in the distance but in reality they could be shooting each other but right next to each other during when it was filmed. We see this example in the film Naked Gun 2 1/2 where it shows the close up shots of them shooting each other but they look like they are far apart, then we get a wide shot camera angle and we can see that they are next to each other. 

Jump cuts: Is a cut when their is a continuity error, where something was misplaced or not in the right position.

Wipe cut

This is an example in star wars 3 showing the change of scene using the wipe edit.

Fading and dissolving

With fading it allows the editor to change the time of the scenes or change the location of the scene this shows a gap in time and isn’t used much for a continuation of a scene.


At the end of saving private Ryan we see a morph edit being used showing private Ryan changing age in a short amount of time. This effect shows that many years has past since where we last saw him which was on the battlefield. When we see him as an older person we find that he has had a family since the war and visits his friends that had died during the war.

Satoshi Kon

Satoshi Kon was an animator and editor. He had created unique styles of editing shown in his animations such as this one. He uses a short amount of frames in certain segments which increase the speed of the videos because he felt that the audience only really needed to see a little bit of something this allowed the audience to be able to figure out for themselves what has just happened. Also when he edited out scenes he made them so that they merged together showing a resemblance of the scene even though what is going on in the background might not be linked with the setting of the last scene.

Cutting and angle

Cutting is often used to change the angle of a characters action it is also used for matching the cuts using the same speed, direction or momentum. The frames cant be repeated because the flow of the movement wouldn’t workout.

In the video you can see lots of cutting angles that have been used. There is a flow of movement and small mistakes in the editing but it isn’t noticeable when watching it as a film. This is because sometimes editors try and hide mistake if they cant do anything else about it, so they would often cut when you as an audience is distracted by a certain movement.

Fairly Legal project

I gained feedback on my fairly legal piece, i learnt that the audio didnt flow correctly and that there shouldnt be a wide shot during the middle of the sequence. So i decided to improve my fairly legal piece ready for next week.

I also started my delicious piece project, i started it of by separating all the footage and sound so that i could see where i could fit them together but also allow it all to make sense and flow.


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