Week 8-9: Art and design in context

Essay draft

Art and design in context essay draft

For my essay I looked at the history of how Disney studios started up and built itself as a company with animation. I then went into more to the life of Walt Disney so I looked at the book “the illusion of life” which looks at how Disney has came about and the animation process looking at the different techniques that have been used. I then went onto talking about 2D animation used by Disney, with how there short films started to get them into feature films. Which then lead to 3D feature films so that now there isn’t any future plans for 2D feature length films because the technology is advancing. I wrote how 2D veterans from Disney say that Disney have no plans for reference for my evidence. Then I wrote how 3D Disney films have came about and developed, which lead me looking at a possibility of future technology’s replacing 3D animation. My conclusion looks at how I think the future of Disney’s animation will turn out to be by using all the research I have found.

For my feedback I needed to look at more techniques with how Disney used animation and I also needed to read more into books around the Disney development.


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