Week 9

Grammar of edit book

These are points that have found in the grammar of edit book that we were asked to look at about editing. To allow us to gain a better understanding of the work.

Framing and composition

An editor, may be called upon to reformat the video frame, or perform a pan and scan, where you take a wide screen camera original format and extract a smaller frame size from it while simultaneously panning left and right to maintain some semblance of good composition in the new, smaller image.

Screen direction

Subject movement out of the frame of one shot and into the frame of another shot must maintain consistent screen direction. Also frame left is screen left and frame right is screen right when watching the images. The world where the characters live and move must be connected with the same as how it is in the real world with things being used in the same format of them being left and right.

Complex shots

-Lens movement

-Camera movement

-No mount movement

-Simple subject movement

A complex shot may contain a:



-Pan and tilt (diagonal upward or downward camera lens movement)

-Lens movement (zoom or a focus pull)

-Lens movement and a pan (hiding a zoom by panning the camera)

-Lens movement and a tilt (hiding the zoom by tilting the camera)

-Subject movement and a pan

-Subject movement and a tilt

Developing a shots

-Lens movement

-Camera movement

-Mounting movement

-More complex subject movement

A developing shot incorporates all four elements of movement


Production team will often shoot multiple takes of a line reading or an action to ensure that they have the focus correct, so you should not have to worry too much with that material. This is so that if there is one bad shot in the scene there will be back ups so that the bad shot dosnt ruin the rest of the scenes.

Audio Quality

Must be of good quality to use it in the final audio mix. Strong synchronised sound leads to a better footage, linking the sound with the image.

Exposure and colour temperature

Audiences struggle with imagery that is either too bright or too dark, and they don’t like it if something is out of place with colour where they is no reason for the object of person to be a different colour. Good quality footage wont be too dark and too light, it needs to be somewhere in the middle so that the audience can see what is going on clearly without having any disruptions.

180 degree rule

Is the rule where everything must stay on one side when recording, this allows there to be less jumps when switching angles, giving off a stronger illusion, if this rule is broke then it can lead to confusing the audience because they will feel lost on knowing where they are when watching the scene.

30 Degree rule

This rule follows the 180 degree rule and stops jumps in between camera angles when using the 180 degree rule. When your angles are moving you should make sure that it moves to a 30 degree angle so that there isn’t as much of a jump. If it does jump this is known as a jump shot.

Continuity of dialogue

This is how the person was talking in the last shot and you need it to be a continuation with how loud the person was speaking. Also it is about how the person dosnt repeat himself onto the next shot.


Is how well the actors have performed if they have performed bad on some shots its the editors job to use the stronger shots, this keeps the flow of the scene because a bad performance can ruin the atmosphere of the story.

Be familiar with the footage

Reviewing and assessing the footage for quality issues and gauging usability at the very beginning of the editing process which allows it to serve a two-fold purpose


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