Week 8: Post production

This session we looked things to consider in scenes when editing my fairly legal project and delicious peace documentary.

Audio Quality: Audio quality, is the sound quality that is used in the video. Having a strong quality audio can help make a video more appealing to the audience who are watching the footage.

Colour temperature: This is so that the colour and lighting in the scenes are fitting with each other and don’t distract the audience as much.

Screen direction: Using the degree rules in the footage so that it dosnt make the audience lost when watching it. Make sure that it flows and keeps a decent distance from each shot.

Performance: Making sure the performance of acting in the scenes flows and works because if a bit of the acting is bad it can ruin the rest of the scene.

Continuity of dialogue and action: This is so that you don’t see footage duplicating or things changing in different shots that are taken in one scene. Such as if you see someone shut a door then the camera angle changes and then they shut the door again. This will confuse the audience and ruin the illusion.

Angles: Camera angles are important in footage because it keeps the viewers interested in what they are watching. Changing the camera angle keeps the flow of the footage and allows a better understanding on what is going on in the scenes. Having the camera angle at eye level gives the illusion that you are there which helps the brain process what they are saying better because it tricks you into believing they are talking to you directly.

Focus: Having the camera in focus on the footage giving a clear view on what is going on.


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